Best Electric Shaver – The Guide

Unless you are deliberately growing a beard, shaving would undoubtedly be an important part of your routine – a task you have to complete daily if you wish to look properly groomed at the workplace. It is a frustrating chore at the best of times, and entirely irritating on the morning when you wake up late or of an evening where you need to leave your home urgently, and are held up because of your stubble.

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However, shaving has become easier over the years, as shaving tools and accessories have evolved over the years. Today, more advanced razors are available which are less irritating for the skin, and there are several grooming products which complement shaving, yet nothing beats the convenience and the ease of using electric shavers. Not only do they provide a quick and good shave/trim, but they also mitigate the chances of cuts and nicks.

There is a wide range of electric shaving products available today which can assist you in your grooming activities. However, with so many types and models of electric shavers available on the market, it can be quite the daunting task to find the best electric shaver. Do not give up just yet though, as our guide will provide all the information you need to know when it comes to buying electric shavers:

Types of Electric Shavers

Electric shavers can be used on the move as they are usually rechargeable, and most can be used either wet or dry, but there are some which provide both wet and dry capabilities.

Cleaning them is much easier too as they can be washed under the tap, while some products can even clean themselves! There are many electric shavers on the market, with each providing different features. The types of electric shavers can be divided into the following categories:

Best electric shaver Wet and Dry w

Wet and Dry Shavers

Most electric shavers provide either wet or dry shaving capabilities, but these shavers offer you the best of both. They are exactly how they sound, wet/dry capable, and are quite easy to clean as the rotors can be washed with water. Heads are adjustable, making it easy to shave the hard-to-reach spots without causing irritation, and non-slip coatings provides good grip to your hands while you shower.


  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Built-in skin conditioners reduce skin irritation
  • Waterproof and washable


  • Requires charging as battery life is usually poor
  • Initial cost is high

The prices of wet and dry electric shavers range from $75 to $200.

Norelco 1250x

Rotary Shavers

These electric shavers usually have 2 to 3 rotating heads, which can easily glide over facial contour, providing a comfortable shave. They are rechargeable but, only certain models come equipped with trimmers.


  • The circular motions ensures a comfortable shave
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Washable and waterproof
  • Easy to maintain


  • The shave isn’t as close as foil electric shavers.
  • High end shavers are expensive

Prices range from $45 to $175.

Brown Series 7 790cc

Foil Shavers

Mostly recommended for people with sensitive skin, foil shavers work with high-speed razor blades which are behind a protective foil. This allows you to have a close shave without the risk of getting cut. However, these shavers possess a comparatively smaller surface area compared to rotary shavers.


  • Steel blades coupled with foil technology allows users a close shave
  • Waterproof
  • Easy maintenance – blades are removable
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Affordable


  • Smaller surface area – Takes a touch longer to shave

The prices range from $15 to $150.

Panasonic Vortex


Tidying and trimming certain areas of facial hair is becoming a new trend. These trimmers feature precision-cut steel blades to provide accurate trimming, and adjustable dial to maintain the hair length according to your needs. They usually support both wet and dry trimming. This type of product is great for trimming unwanted nose and ear hair.

In the same category you will find eyebrow trimmers which are ideal for keeping a tidy look.


  • Water drain allows easy maintenance
  • Clean and tidy trim with precision blades
  • Can be used on the go – Rechargeable
  • Accesories like combs allows users to easily control the hair length


  • High end trimmers are expensive

Prices range from $10 to $25.

Mangroomer private body shaver

Body Groomers

These units allow usage on all areas of the body and can also be used on facial hair as well. They feature adjustable dials to help achieve desirable hair length and combs which prevent skin irritation. Like others, they are also rechargeable and water-resistant so that they can be used both wet (in the shower) or dry.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro is one of the most popular choice out there for its versatility and good quality.


  • Provide a quick, smooth, and clean body shave
  • Adjustable dials for trimming
  • All-in-one tool


  • Require regular cleaning and maintenance

Prices of electric body groomers range from $50 to $80.

Features to Look For When Buying Electric Shavers

Though it usually depends on the requirement of the buyer, there are additional features in electric shavers which make your shaving experience easier and more precise. Therefore, it is important that you learn about these features, so you can decide which ones are important. This will aid you in finding the best electric shaver you can purchase.

Charge Display: Most top-of-the-range shavers feature a digital display which exhibits the amount of time you have left until the charge runs out.

Water Proof: Other than dry use, some electric shavers can also be used with shaving foam or gel. You can experience both wet and dry shaving with these water proof shavers.

Trimmers: Some electric shavers come with detachable or built-in trimmers, so that you can shape and trim your moustaches/beards with ease and comfort. However, it’s usually featured only on the expensive models.

Quick Charge: If you do not have ample time to fully charge your shaver, the quick charge feature will charge your shaver in a matter of minutes for a quick shave.

Built-In Moisturizer: Some electric shavers come with built-in moisturizers, which moisturize your skin and hair for a clean and comfortable shave.

What is the Self- Cleaning Feature?

Brown Series 7 790cc DockingElectric shavers require regular cleaning to get rid of skin and hair particles. This is usually done manually by tapping or brushing the stubble out, or (if water proof) placing it under a running tap. On the other hand, there are some high end shavers that come with a self-cleaning feature.

Yes, they can clean themselves, and all you need to do is place the shaver into the cleaning station unit, relax a few minutes and you are good to go. The self-cleaning feature on shavers is an easy way to keep your shaver fuzz-free and clean.

However, for uninterrupted cleaning, it is important that you replace the cleaning cartridges from time to time and don’t forget to refill the cleaning liquid.

Spare Parts for Electric Shavers

Wahl Professional for black menYou might get thinking that why would you need spare parts for your electric shaver? Well, it should be considered equally important as cleaning and maintenance.

This is because it doesn’t matter how reliable your brand is, if certain parts of your electric shaver are not replaced on the right time, not only will the performance of the shaver be affected, but it will also cause certain hygienic issues. Some parts that should be replaced include:

  • Foil
  • Cutter/blades/heads
  • Trimmer comb
  • Cleaner cartridges
  • Power cords

The most important parts that should be replaced regularly are the cutters/blades/heads of your electric shaver. Since the condition of the cutting parts will directly affect the performance of your shaver, it is advised that you replace them after every few months.

If not replaced, they eventually start to wear, adversely affecting the performance of your electric shaver. Therefore, by making replacements on time you can avoid any drawbacks in the performance of your electric shaver.

Things you Need to Know about Shaver Batteries

Best electric shaver batterySince many electric shavers are cordless and require regular recharging to function, having information about their batteries can also help you in finding the best electric shaver.

Most shavers use Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Nickel- Cadmium batteries (NiCD).  NiCD batteries need to be recharged often and will last you the shortest amount of time, however, you get more charge cycles.

On the other hand, NiMH batteries cost a lot more than NiCD, but last much longer thanks to a higher capacity. They will also hold a longer charge but have less charge cycles as compared to NiMH batteries.

Popular Brands of Electric Shavers

When it comes to electric shavers, there are a number of popular brands with a variety of models in the market. You should consider buying from these companies as they are known for their reputation, reliability and performance. The top brands are listed below:

panasonic shavers


Panasonic is a reputable Japanese company, which produces some of the most expensive electric shavers available on the market. But, if you value quality more than money, Panasonic’s shavers are usually the ideal choice. Their shavers are fast and powerful, and provide the closeness of a razor blade. Furthermore, their high end shavers feature multiple blades for a comfortable, smooth and quick shave, and are durable. So, if you are looking for high or mid end shavers, you can surely expect top-notch quality when buying from Panasonic.

Philips logo


Phillips primarily produces rotary shavers. They are the ideal choice if you are looking for innovative features in shavers. Their high end shavers can be quite pricy, but the quality and features offered surely make it worth the price. Also, the entry level shavers particularly are quite popular and are known to be very efficient.

Remington shavers


Primarily into entry and mid level electric shavers, Remington, is one of the oldest companies in this business. Their electric shavers are quite affordable without any compromise on performance and quality. The company has been manufacturing electric shavers for many years and offers a fine range of foil and rotary electric shavers which can out-perform several top brands in the same category.

braun shavers


Braun is a popular German company, which provides some of the most top quality shavers and epilators on the market. The comfort provided by their shavers is unmatchable, and the closeness offered is as good as razor blades. When buying from this company, you can be rest assured that the performance, durability, quality of the shaver will be top-notch. So, if you want the best Braun’s shavers are an easy pick.

Price Range for Electric Shavers on the Market

The prices of electric shavers available on the market vary from brand to brand. If you are on a strict budget, you can get an electric shaver for as low as $30, whereas, the prices of high end shavers can go as high as $200. When setting aside money for a new electric shaver, it is better to keep your needs in mind because different priced shavers come with different features, not all of which may be useful to you.

No doubt, the initial cost of buying an electric shaver is high, and this is because of the shaver itself, however, once bought you will save a lot of money in the long run. For instance, the average price of getting a shave from a barber costs around $25. If you are having a shave every week, at the end of the month the total will amount to $100. If you spend the same amount on getting an electric shaver you will be able to avoid the recurring costs as your shaver helps with the day to day facial upkeep while you only visit barber before special occasions.

Tips to Find Discounts on Electric Shavers

When you are in market for an electric shaver, searching for discounts can be useful, as it can save you some money. Below we have discussed some useful tips to help you secure the best electric shaver deal possible on the market:

Talk to the Store Manager

When shopping for electric shavers, talking to the store manager can be your golden path to getting a discount. Since they are in charge, managers usually have the power to give discounts on a number of items. The key is to ask them politely.

Shop Online

If you know exactly what you need, ordering an electric shaver online can also get you good discounts. Many online retailers can offer discounts over traditional businesses because they do not have expensive store spaces to pay for.

Search for Deals & Coupons

Many retailers will offer you special discounts and coupons on their shavers. Search these websites to find out if there are any offers available, and get a good deal on your new electric shaver.

Always Pay in Cash

The transaction fees of merchant credit cards range from 2% to 10%, which costs retailers quite a lot of money. Therefore, to encourage cash sales retailers usually offer discounts on cash payments. Also, by paying in cash you will be able to avoid hefty interest rates.

Tips for Choosing the Best Electric Shaver

With a wide variety of models and features offered by different companies, choosing the best electric shaver can be quite the task. Buying an electric shaver that is generally considered the best in the market is not the solution, because it would most possibly not suit your shaving needs individually. Therefore, keep the following tips in mind when choosing an electric shaver, as they will help you to find the best model for you.

Determine your Needs

Before choosing any electric shaver it is important to determine your needs. Do you prefer dry shave or wet shave, or both?  Is your skin sensitive? Or do you require a shaver just to trim your beard? If your skin is sensitive your best choice would be foil shavers. For trimming you should opt for trimmers as they feature effective precision blades for a clean trim. Similarly, you can get a wet and dry electric shaver as they support both wet and dry shaving.

Read Reviews

One of the best ways to find a great shaver is by reading product reviews available on the internet. These reviews will contain information about the features of the shaver, its price and recommendations to whether or not you should buy it.

Go Through User Reviews

Consumer reviews are also quite helpful and perhaps one of the best ways to get an honest point of view about the product. Consumers will tell you about their personal experience, which is sure to determine how yours might go too.

What’s the Price?

Electric shavers are undoubtedly expensive, however, that does not mean your possibilities are limited. Some reliable brands like Braun or Panasonic have electric shavers in the market that are quite pricey compared to other brands, and you can purchase them without having to worry about performance or quality. But, there are also other brands in the market that are providing the same standards at the fraction of price. An example of such a company is Remington, who is catching up in the market quickly because of a combination of best price and quality.

So, that’s probably all you need to know about buying electric shavers. By knowing the types of shavers available, the popular brands that offer them, features they provide, in addition to following our detailed guidelines, you will be able to successfully find the best electric shaver that will suit your needs appropriately.