My Shaving Mug Secret List

shaving mug


Shaving mugs are a useful item to own because they are specially built so that lather stays nice and warm during shaving and gives a pleasurable experience.  There are plenty of different shapes and sizes.  Some mugs are known as “scuttle” mugs because they have a separate area which holds hot water.

In the old days, mugs and scuttle mugs were vividly decorated.  A classic style mug is designed to hold shaving soap alone (rather than having a separate area for hot water) and there are plenty to choose from.  If you provide this type of service at your barber’s or you are looking to introduce this to your services then here are my favorites of the moment.

Shaving Factory Shaving Mug 12 Ounce

Factory Shaving Mug

This is a sturdy and simple mug which holds 12 ounces (a fair amount).  It retails for about $11 on Amazon and is made out of strong, sturdy stoneware.  It has a useful, fluid, ergonomically designed handle at the side so it can be gripped easily during use.

The stoneware keeps the water nice and warm for a while as it’s great for heat retention.  If you do purchase this mug you will get a product that is long lasting and comfortable to hold, despite its weight.  It is very well made although some reviewers comment that the handle could be a little longer.

If you prefer lots of room for soap and cream then perhaps this isn’t ideal for you but as a starter product it works very well.

Colonel Conk Model 129 Super Shave Mug With Soap

Colonel Conk Shaving Mug

Now this shaving mug is deep enough and wide enough to take plenty of soap and fit the shaving brush well. It’s also a handsome looking traditional style mug and comes with an unscented glycerine soap which contains avocado oil and vitamin E – both very soothing on the skin during shaving).

It’s a solid shaving mug will take any type of shaving soap.  The handle is well-made and has good proportions so you can keep a firm grip while using it.  Why not take a trip back to the olden days with this shaving mug?  It looks the part and it does what it’s supposed to.  The reviews are spot on!

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl With Handle In Black

Edwin Jagger Shaving Mug

This sleek, smart looking mug comes with a side handle and is shiny black in colouring.  Designed for those who enjoy a wet shave it is a classic porcelain material with the Edwin Jagger logo.  The top is a wide 4” in diameter and tapers down to 2.75” inside.

While it is more expensive than other mug styles available on the market you truly get superior quality.  It enables users to whip up their soap into a lather very quickly and there are ridges inside which help with making the lather and prevent residual water gathering at the bottom.

The handle is easy to hold and it is designed to last for a very long time (which is what you want when spending this amount on something simple to help you when shaving).  Overall it’s handsome and with a good weight this is a stylish but functional product which is reported as increasing the pleasure of a wet shave experience!

Top 3 Wahl Balding Clippers Reviewed

Wahl Balding Clippers

I use Wahl balding clippers a lot – in my barber’s salon and also for personal use.  I’ve been using these types of products for many years so over that time I’ve tried lots of different styles and brands.  Based on my experience I think I am qualified enough to give a good overall opinion and I think it’s useful if you’re looking for high quality balding clippers to read an expert’s view!

I’ve also taken into account the reviews on on my top three balding clippers – these back up what I think so you could say you’re getting all your research in one easy place!

Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit

Barber Clippers Wahl 79524

Now this is an outstanding set because it comes with 24 pieces!  Forget that it’s an excellent Wahl balding clippers product it does so much more including total body grooming!  It’s suitable for almost everything including eyebrows, ear hair and facial hair so you’re getting tremendous value for money at just about $21 (you can’t go wrong!)  You will never need to sharpen the blades either because they are self-sharpening.

The list of accessories is so long, it might take you to the end of the page to read so here are a few:  barber comb, styling comb, scissors, hair clips, multi-cut clipper, blade guard, ear-trim guide comb, eyebrow trim guide comb, storage case, cleaning brush….take a breath!  It also comes with a full set of instructions.

Customers really appreciate the smooth, gentle precision cut and it doesn’t irritate the scalp or the face.  It cuts well and it’s very fast so take your time!  If you’re looking for a high quality all-American product this one ticks all the boxes.  Overall, you should be delighted.

Wahl Professional 785110 5-Star Series Balding Clipper

hair clippers Wahl 8110

Here’s another superb Wahl balding clippers set which is priced at about $39 and I have seen it being reviewed by a lot of customers.  For the price you get two cutting guides, a black barber comb, pre-shave brush, blade guard, oil, cleaning brush and a set of easy to use instructions.

You’ll find this fast too as it is twice the speed of pivot motor clippers.  The blades are surgical so you get full balding – leaving you smooth and shiny.  These Wahl balding clippers are generally described as outstanding, professional and high quality.

A bald head can be achieved in as little as 10 minutes and it’s very easy to use – great for a beginner and just as excellent for an experience barber. Be careful though, the blades are exceptionally sharp.

Wahl Balding Clippers Five Star Magic Professional 8451

Wahl balding clippers Five Star

This is the third product of my favorite Wahl balding clippers (not in order of quality).  You can always trust Wahl to deliver a fantastic product.  This one is a lightweight, powerful model but very quiet (again a good choice for barbers in salon) and it has adjustable blades so you can achieve the close cut you are looking for.

The blade adjusts to zero overlap which is useful.  You can buy the Wahl Fiver Star Magic for about $52. Overall, it was ranking a score of 4.5 stars on websites like Amazon when i wrote this article.  The product itself is exceptionally sturdy and won’t overheat.  It also comes with 8 attachments, a guard attachment, comb, cleaning brush and clipper oil.

Be aware the blade is very sharp so take extra care on sensitive areas.  While you might be looking for balding clippers (and these do the job very well) the clippers are suitable for all hair types – even very thick so can cut or trim or shave off as you wish.

My Personal Top 3 Beard Comb List

twisted moustache

If you’ve just cultivated a great looking beard you need to keep it looking good.  The best thing you can do is invest in a special comb.  If your beard is more than an inch long it needs to be combed regularly to keep you looking well groomed, smart and stop tangles!

I am obsessed with my beard, I like it to look good and feel smooth so as part of my daily grooming routine I always use a quality comb (you’ll see my favorites listed underneath).  You need to choose wisely though because a decent comb will make a big difference.  You need something that will detangle without pulling and leave your beard looking shiny and noticeably impressive!
Never comb when your beard is wet because you can pull the hair out – if you don’t have a very thick growth your beard could end up looking fine and spindly.  The best time to comb out a beard is when it is dry.  Buy one that is suitable for the shape and size of your beard.

Look at the teeth of the comb so a short, small beard won’t need much space between the comb’s teeth whereas a long, thick beard needs a comb with wide-set teeth.  Avoid plastic because it won’t treat your beard nicely.  Always comb from top to bottom and from the side into the center so you smooth your hair into the shape you want.  Start combing with the wide end and finish with the narrow end.  Do it slowly, undoing knots as you comb.

Here are some of my favorite beard combs at the moment.

Kent The Handmade Comb – 73mm


Kent is well-known for making excellent beard and mustache combs.  This one is handmade and is very gentle on beard hair.  It’s useful for mustaches too and can work through the thickest hair with ease!

The teeth are 1cm long and the comb is 7.75cm in total length. Some people might find it very small but remember the best things come in small packages!

This comb is a good weight and glides through hair effortlessly styling and shaping well.  It feels like good quality and it provides the perfect result every time.  Well worth the very inexpensive price tag!

EQLEF Handmade Beard Comb

EQLEF Green Beard Comb

This double sided comb is small enough to put in your pocket so you can style your beard on the go!  It’s a good retail price at $9.59 on Amazon and for 100% green sandalwood you’re getting a quality product.  One side has standard teeth and the other has finer teeth so it can reach all parts of a beard easily.

If you jump on you will see it has 347 customer reviews and rates 4.5 out of 5 stars (with 75% of customers rating it at 5 stars!)

It’s not a bulky item and has a great looking finish which customers report as being soothing when using it on their beards, as most people say – once you start using this Sandalwood comb you won’t look back and you certainly wouldn’t use a plastic beard comb again!

Kent Handmade Comb Pocket Folding Beard Comb

Kent folding beard comb

This is a great product from trusty Kent!  It’s a folding style so it’s very portable and useful when you’re out.  The comb retails for about $10 which won’t hurt your wallet. A huge 84% of Amazon consumers rate this comb with 5 stars.

This Kent comb has a good weight and the materials are definitely of a high quality.  Consumers report a smooth, soft action which separates and neatens facial hair well leaving a groomed, soft and shiny beard.  Most of the consumers on (as well as myself) rate Kent products highly – saying there’s nothing else to compare.

No matter how bushy or unruly a beard this Kent product seems to be able to do the job and transform messy beards into neat, tidy and smart looking facial hair.  This is one of the best combs on the market – without doubt!

Top 3 Barber Clippers you Should Consider


If you’re looking to update your barber clippers or you are a first timer you might be interested in my reviews which are based on customer reviews on and my own experience.

I’ve been barbering for many years so I’ve used plenty of different types, styles and makes of clippers.  Obviously I want my customers to be completely happy with their cuts so I consider myself well advised on the subject!  I hope this will help you in making your choice!

Wahl 79524-2051 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Barber Clippers

Barber Clippers Wahl 79524

You won’t go wrong with the Wahl Barber Clippers because they offer outstanding value for money and they provide total grooming (for face and hair).  You also won’t need to re-sharpen these because they are very clever and self-sharpen, with high-carbon steel blades (so they stay sharp for a while)!

These are suitable for salon use or for personal use and include lots of functions such as a blade guard, barber comb, styling comb, multi-cut clipper, cleaning brush, scissors, eyebrow trim, blade oil and so much more! Bear in mind the blades are sharp so take time with trimming your hair or you could cut off too much – it’s a very smooth and easy product to use!

It’s also relatively quiet and is comfortable.  The Wahl is a well-built set of clippers plus it can be used on almost all hair (side-burns and eyebrows too) because it has plenty of attachments.  For about $21 you get a lot of quality product for your money.

Andis Barber Combo-Powerful Clipper and Trimmer Combo Kit

Barber Clippers Andis

This is a very popular barber clipper kit and comes with plenty of accessories.  It is, however, more pricey than the Wahl at$83.93.  For the money you get fine teeth with six comb attachments in variable sizes, it’s very quiet (which is a big advantage in a busy barber salon).

The clippers are easily stored in a hanging loop and overall it gives a perfectly groomed finish. The Andis is suitable for thick, thin, wet or dry hair and it cuts beards, mustaches and other facial hair too.  Reviewers particularly like the sturdy grip and find it comfortable to use.

As many users are barbers, the facts speak for themselves.  These are suitable for beginners and experienced barbers because they are easy to use and give an excellent finish.  If you are intending on using for shaving your face it gives a good close shave without discomfort – a recommended set of barber clippers.

Andis T-Outliner Barber Clipers Trimmer with T Blade, Gray (04710)

The Andis T Outliner

This is another winning beard trimmer product from Andis.  It retails for about $50 and comes in a sleek, smart gray color.  This particular trimmer is ideal for dry shaving too and has a very close-cutting blade so it works well for trimming beards, mustaches, necks and even around the ears.

The blades are adjustable according to how you like to shave which is a useful feature.  If you like to design your facial hair then the teeth are close enough to allow you to do this.  It has a high speed motor too but it’s very quiet so it works well in a busy, noisy salon environment.  This set of clippers comes with an 8 foot long cord and a hanger loop for easy storage.

It is great for sensitive skins and gives an excellent quality close shave.  This particular model gives good longevity too – so it will last for years.  Customers report they work just as well 12 months after purchase and cut as thin as a visit to the barbers (which is why many reviewers are barbers and use these in their salon!)

The wide blade means less strokes so it’s faster too.  Overall – the Andis T-Outliner gives a superior quality trimming experience and result.

Beard Wax – Our Favourite Top 3

So you’ve decided to grow a beard (it’s very fashionable at the moment!) and you’re proud of the results but how do you keep it looking mighty fine?  Well you need a good quality beard wax.  I’ll explain why you need it and what it does but I’ve been using it for years and I have a great looking beard!

beard wax grooming and care

Like hair wax, it is a light wax which is used to shape your facial hair.  If your beard is particularly frizzy, it will calm in down and keep it in the style you want.  Don’t be mistaken with mustache wax though because this is different and not as gentle.

Beard wax also conditions the hair so it’s soft rather than hard and course.  Using it is easy, it’s best on a dry beard as sometimes if you use it straight from the shower your beard can look shiny all day (as if it’s wet).  So dry out your beard and with your thumb, take a small amount of wax, melt it in your palm and rub together, then apply to your beard repeatedly until it is covered.  Finish with a light comb using a beard comb!

Here are my favourite products at the moment for quality beard wax:

Honest Amish Beard Wax

Beard Wax Honest Amish

This gives great beard control for all lengths and keeps beards soft.

Customers (like me) like the way it shapes and softens without looking too rigidly styled.  Even the bushiest beards can be tamed using Honest Amish Beard Wax and it doesn’t harden the facial hair.  The other notable quality is the pleasant aroma.  Beware though – you only need a very small amount, even for the biggest beards as this spreads well and goes far!

It’s a world renowned brand and a good retail price on  If you check out the review section on you will find almos 600 customer reviews, rating this with 4.3 out of 5 stars in total.  61% of customers give this a 5 star rating.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care & Gloss

Beard Wax Fuzzworthy

This product is made out of leatherwood organic beeswax and plant oils so it really softens and conditions beards.  It’s also suitable for use on mustaches which makes life easier, rather than buying two separate products. The wax seals in moisture and protects hair from drying out plus it gives an excellent shine to your hair.

The calming plant oils stops skin getting irritated when new hair starts growing through.  On, this retails at $12.95 (very good value) and has backing from 475 reviewers rating it 4.4 out of 5 stars and 64% of those reviewers rating it 5 stars.  This is an excellent product for longer beards too and it’s non greasy.  Additionally it has a nice smell and you only need a little wax to go a long way.

It is exceptionally well received for those with very curly and bushy beards as it keeps hair tame and in control.  Only one negative, the wax tends to wear off during the day so keep it to hand for when you need it!

Slam Bam Best Beard Balm & Beard Wax

Slam Bam Beard Wax

This comes in an attractive circular can containing 30ml and is designed to give your beard a strong and lasting hold.  It’s an American product too so it’s nice to use home grown where you can!  All natural ingredients mean it’s gentle and good for your facial hair.

Coupled with a very distinctive but attractive scent and plenty of strength without stickiness it’s a great all-round product that won’t disappoint buyers.  It gets my thumbs up!

This product is reviewed by arownd 200 customers on   Overall, when i wrote this article it scores 4.6 out of 5 stars with 76% of customers giving it 5 out of 5.

It’s particularly recommended for those with bushy, curly and unruly beards as it keeps everything neatly in place.  It also lasts all day so you don’t need to worry about your beard looking a mess by 6pm!