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The Best Pre Shave Oil

What does pre-shave oil do? Yep, you’ve heard of it and you kind of like the sound of it but what the hell is Pre-Shave Oil and why do you need it? And of course which is the best pre shave oil? Well, as it sounds, it’s special oil that is formulated for use on […]

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My Shaving Mug Secret List

Shaving mugs are a useful item to own because they are specially built so that lather stays nice and warm during shaving and gives a pleasurable experience.  There are plenty of different shapes and sizes.  Some mugs are known as “scuttle” mugs because they have a separate area which holds hot water. In the old […]

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My Personal Top 3 Beard Comb List

If you’ve just cultivated a great looking beard you need to keep it looking good.  The best thing you can do is invest in a special comb.  If your beard is more than an inch long it needs to be combed regularly to keep you looking well groomed, smart and stop tangles! I am obsessed […]

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Beard Wax – Our Favourite Top 3

So you’ve decided to grow a beard (it’s very fashionable at the moment!) and you’re proud of the results but how do you keep it looking mighty fine?  Well you need a good quality beard wax.  I’ll explain why you need it and what it does but I’ve been using it for years and I […]

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