Andis T Outliner Review

The Andis T OutlinerWhile seeking out a trimmer for beards and mustaches I came across the Andis T Outliner with T Blade in smart gray.  I particularly love that Andis is an all-American brand and has over 90 years of experience in the industry.

It’s not just for humans either – they specialise in equine and livestock trimmers and cutters as well as products for barbers and stylers, groomers, home use and in fact anywhere in the world that needs a cutter, trimmer or similar product!  Being a seasoned barber I am always looking for new products and it makes my job even more interesting when I try something new out.

Often I get sent samples of new products but every now and then something interesting catches my eye – like this product.

I didn’t just rush out and buy the Andis T Outliner – I still have to think carefully before making a financial outlay because it all adds up!  So I went onto (one of my favourite online marketplaces because of the review section!)  I am always interested in what other people say and frankly, 1,538 customer reviews gave me plenty to chew over! The Andis T Outliner R

Andis T Outliner – Features

The Andis T Outliner is designed for all round outlining and fading and is great for dry shaving too (lots of customers like a dry shave and many want a product like this to use at home).

The blades are adjustable which makes life so much easier and it has contoured housing and a high-speed motor.

The blades are particularly close-cutting, making it the ideal product for neck-trimming, beards and mustaches as well as round the ears.

The clippers have a wide blade meaning when you shave you don’t need to make as many strokes and they cut very thin (as thin as a barber for those wanting to use these at home).

Andis T Outliner – Customers Reports

The reviews were very clear – it’s a great cut even for those with very sensitive skin.  It gets really close but doesn’t seem to aggravate skin.  The other deciding factor for me was the length it seems the Andis T Outliner lasts – one customer said they still keep going even after 5 years of plenty of use!  That sounds like money well spent to me!

They also feel good quality and are well-made (from a reputable company you’d expect this!)  Amazon reviewers also noted that skin doesn’t get cut as much as other shavers and trimmers – for me that’s a relief (for my customers even more of a relief!)  For those of you thinking about buying these to use regularly (in a salon or barber) don’t hesitate, Amazon reviewers also noted how lightweight the Andis T Outliner is – so no aching wrists after your 6th customer.

It’s no coincidence that barbers up and down the country choose to use Andis T Outliner clippers – because they are right up there with the best clippers available.  They give solid performance and are easy to adjust if you need to.  Plus obviously you need to clean them out regularly but cleaning is quick and easy making using them even more convenient.

Based on Amazon reviews and my experience don’t just buy one – buy a few!  You won’t look back or regret it.


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