My Personal Top 3 Beard Comb List

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If you’ve just cultivated a great looking beard you need to keep it looking good.  The best thing you can do is invest in a special comb.  If your beard is more than an inch long it needs to be combed regularly to keep you looking well groomed, smart and stop tangles!

I am obsessed with my beard, I like it to look good and feel smooth so as part of my daily grooming routine I always use a quality comb (you’ll see my favorites listed underneath).  You need to choose wisely though because a decent comb will make a big difference.  You need something that will detangle without pulling and leave your beard looking shiny and noticeably impressive!
Never comb when your beard is wet because you can pull the hair out – if you don’t have a very thick growth your beard could end up looking fine and spindly.  The best time to comb out a beard is when it is dry.  Buy one that is suitable for the shape and size of your beard.

Look at the teeth of the comb so a short, small beard won’t need much space between the comb’s teeth whereas a long, thick beard needs a comb with wide-set teeth.  Avoid plastic because it won’t treat your beard nicely.  Always comb from top to bottom and from the side into the center so you smooth your hair into the shape you want.  Start combing with the wide end and finish with the narrow end.  Do it slowly, undoing knots as you comb.

Here are some of my favorite beard combs at the moment.

Kent The Handmade Comb – 73mm


Kent is well-known for making excellent beard and mustache combs.  This one is handmade and is very gentle on beard hair.  It’s useful for mustaches too and can work through the thickest hair with ease!

The teeth are 1cm long and the comb is 7.75cm in total length. Some people might find it very small but remember the best things come in small packages!

This comb is a good weight and glides through hair effortlessly styling and shaping well.  It feels like good quality and it provides the perfect result every time.  Well worth the very inexpensive price tag!

EQLEF Handmade Beard Comb

EQLEF Green Beard Comb

This double sided comb is small enough to put in your pocket so you can style your beard on the go!  It’s a good retail price at $9.59 on Amazon and for 100% green sandalwood you’re getting a quality product.  One side has standard teeth and the other has finer teeth so it can reach all parts of a beard easily.

If you jump on you will see it has 347 customer reviews and rates 4.5 out of 5 stars (with 75% of customers rating it at 5 stars!)

It’s not a bulky item and has a great looking finish which customers report as being soothing when using it on their beards, as most people say – once you start using this Sandalwood comb you won’t look back and you certainly wouldn’t use a plastic beard comb again!

Kent Handmade Comb Pocket Folding Beard Comb

Kent folding beard comb

This is a great product from trusty Kent!  It’s a folding style so it’s very portable and useful when you’re out.  The comb retails for about $10 which won’t hurt your wallet. A huge 84% of Amazon consumers rate this comb with 5 stars.

This Kent comb has a good weight and the materials are definitely of a high quality.  Consumers report a smooth, soft action which separates and neatens facial hair well leaving a groomed, soft and shiny beard.  Most of the consumers on (as well as myself) rate Kent products highly – saying there’s nothing else to compare.

No matter how bushy or unruly a beard this Kent product seems to be able to do the job and transform messy beards into neat, tidy and smart looking facial hair.  This is one of the best combs on the market – without doubt!


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