Beard Wax – Our Favourite Top 3

So you’ve decided to grow a beard (it’s very fashionable at the moment!) and you’re proud of the results but how do you keep it looking mighty fine?  Well you need a good quality beard wax.  I’ll explain why you need it and what it does but I’ve been using it for years and I have a great looking beard!

beard wax grooming and care

Like hair wax, it is a light wax which is used to shape your facial hair.  If your beard is particularly frizzy, it will calm in down and keep it in the style you want.  Don’t be mistaken with mustache wax though because this is different and not as gentle.

Beard wax also conditions the hair so it’s soft rather than hard and course.  Using it is easy, it’s best on a dry beard as sometimes if you use it straight from the shower your beard can look shiny all day (as if it’s wet).  So dry out your beard and with your thumb, take a small amount of wax, melt it in your palm and rub together, then apply to your beard repeatedly until it is covered.  Finish with a light comb using a beard comb!

Here are my favourite products at the moment for quality beard wax:

Honest Amish Beard Wax

Beard Wax Honest Amish

This gives great beard control for all lengths and keeps beards soft.

Customers (like me) like the way it shapes and softens without looking too rigidly styled.  Even the bushiest beards can be tamed using Honest Amish Beard Wax and it doesn’t harden the facial hair.  The other notable quality is the pleasant aroma.  Beware though – you only need a very small amount, even for the biggest beards as this spreads well and goes far!

It’s a world renowned brand and a good retail price on

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care & Gloss

Beard Wax Fuzzworthy

This product is made out of leatherwood organic beeswax and plant oils so it really softens and conditions beards.  It’s also suitable for use on mustaches which makes life easier, rather than buying two separate products. The wax seals in moisture and protects hair from drying out plus it gives an excellent shine to your hair.

The calming plant oils stops skin getting irritated when new hair starts growing through. This is an excellent product for longer beards too and it’s non greasy.  Additionally it has a nice smell and you only need a little wax to go a long way.

It is exceptionally well received for those with very curly and bushy beards as it keeps hair tame and in control.  Only one negative, the wax tends to wear off during the day so keep it to hand for when you need it!

Slam Bam Best Beard Balm & Beard Wax

Slam Bam Beard Wax

This comes in an attractive circular can containing 30ml and is designed to give your beard a strong and lasting hold.  It’s an American product too so it’s nice to use home grown where you can!  All natural ingredients mean it’s gentle and good for your facial hair.

Coupled with a very distinctive but attractive scent and plenty of strength without stickiness it’s a great all-round product that won’t disappoint buyers.  It gets my thumbs up!

It’s particularly recommended for those with bushy, curly and unruly beards as it keeps everything neatly in place.  It also lasts all day so you don’t need to worry about your beard looking a mess by 6pm!


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