Bald Eagle Pro Shaver – Is it the Best Electric Shaver for Head?

For balding men who like keeping their head clean and shaved regularly, the Bald Eagle Pro shaver might be  the best electric shaver for head that gives a comfortable and precise cut given its ergonomic design.

Featuring a patented design and sharp, flexible shavers that adjust to your scalp, this shaver is easy and effective to use on both face and head areas.

Here is a video from the inventor of this shaver

Its rechargeable and cordless structure makes it convenient to use and portable so that you can take it with you anywhere without having to carry around a lot of cords and looking for power outlets. If you are planning to buy the best electric shaver for head, here is a review of Bald Eagle Pro shavers that might be helpful for you.

Skull and face shaver

Features of the best electric shaver for head – Bald Eagle Pro

As the best electric shaver for head, Bald Eagle Pro offers a number of remarkable features that you can find helpful for your use. Here are some of these features reviewed:
best electric shaver for headPrecision Cutting System – The shaver features a precision cutting technology that removes the hair from your head with precision, giving you a close and smooth shave.
Patented Handle DesignThe shaver is designed with a patented handle design that is shaped horizontally instead of the typical vertical design. This handles fits into the palm of hand precisely, giving you a firm and controlled grip.
Multiple Rotary Blades – The five different rotary, flex action, super thin blades added to the shaver head makes it the best electric shaver for head.

These flexible heads adjust to the contours of your head perfectly, giving you a completely comfortable and comfortable shave. This enables you to shave in any direction without any threat of damaging your skin.
Easy to Clean – The shaver is also quiet easy to clean as the outer four cutters can be cleaned using a quick rinse system. The middle cutter needs to be removed and cleaned manually. You can find cleaning instructions and tips on Skullshaver website.
Multiple Voltage Support – The shaver supports multiple voltage levels ranging between 110 to 220 V, ensuring that your shaver doesn’t blow off when plugged into a different voltage outlet.
Portable and Rechargeable – The shaver is chargeable and need a charging time of eight hours prior to use. Once charged, the shaver can work for 30 minutes, meaning you can use it for several shaving sessions without having to charge it again.

360 view of the Bald Eagle Shaver

How Much Does It Cost?

Being the best electric shaver for head, the product is relatively quite affordable, especially since it saves you from the hassle of getting any cartridges or replacement elements again and again.

You can get the product for a retail price of $170 generally. However, if you order the product at Amazon, you can easily get it at a discounted rate of 25% meaning $125 final price free shipment included as well.

Customer Review for Bald Eagle Pro

Bald Eagle Pro

Receiving a rating of 4.2 stars out of a total of 5 at Amazon, the product has generally received positive feedbacks from those who have used it. According to customers, the shaver provides a close shave and causes less irritation.

The only negative thing that people have about the product is the absence of a battery-level indicator screen but the product is appreciated for its performance otherwise.



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Gail M. Silva - December 2, 2014

it only suits 1 out of 9,000,000 people, and from seeing you once in a photo I wouldn’t think it would suit you just shave it 3 mm or something.

liviu - May 27, 2015

i bought the Bald Eagle Pro after reading this review and i must say i’m pleased with it.. this shaver it’s actually a pretty cool idea! thanks!

Danny - June 18, 2015

yeah, i bought and used it yesterday and it works fine.. it provides a pretty close shave.. it is very heplful to use when you’re in a hurry

Seth - July 13, 2015

i saw in the video butterfly shaver.. is that any different than the bald eagle pro shaver?

Sercan - July 30, 2015

Seth, the butterfly shavers are for ladies

Alan - September 25, 2016

It’s useless. Takes ate least 15 – 20 minutes to get anywhere near a decent shave, leaving your head sore from the experience.
The motor sounds so weak it must have only half the rpm of similar rotary machines.
The five sprung rotary heads looks like a good idea but you would need to have a head the size of a basketball for the idea to actually work.
The battery level meter fitted stopped working after the second charge.
The ‘quick rinse system’ for cleaning doesn’t work. I had to remove all the shaver heads after I noticed it was not shaving me at all. The amount of hair clogged up inside was astonishing.
Don’t buy it. You are quicker using a safety razor.

Aurel Hategan - December 28, 2016

I already bought 2 bald eagle head shavers.
Now I need a charger (NOT USB) but a regular one from a home outlet, because one of them does not work anymore.

I looked all over internet but could not find any.
Can you tell me what can I do to find one?

Thank you for the answer


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