What’s The Best Philips Trimmer and Is It worth It or a Waste of Money?

Philips is a renowned name in men’s shavers but now we are going to try to find the best Philips trimmer on the market and if they really are that good or not. We are going to use our experince with the products and real and honest reviews from users to base our opinion.

Philips Trimmer Norelco QT4070/41

Philips trimmer Norelco-QT4000

This is another great shaver from Norelco and the users seem to think so too. This Philips Trimmer comes with a battery indicator which easily shows how much battery is left which is a necessity in trimmers today. It has a length dial which makes it easy to choose the most convenient and preferable trim length so that you can get the look you want.

The charge on the battery seems to last a long time and it charges quickly as well which is another plus. However, one unfortunate thing with this trimmer is the fact that it is messy and throws the clippings or shavings everywhere which requires a lot of cleaning later. However, apart from that, it works great.

Philips Trimmer Norelco QG3330/60 

Philips-trimmer Norelco-QG

The other shaver on our list today is the Norelco QG3330/60. This Philips trimmer also has a setting for the desired length of the trim so you can get a trim that is just right, not too long or too close. It works quickly and effectively which is essentially what one needs from a trimmer after all. It is also affordable which adds to the charm of the device.

It provides everything it promises and one can expect from a trimmer at this price, although when used on other body parts this trimmer has the tendency to pull a few hairs now and then which cause ingrown hair.

Philips Trimmer Norelco QT4014/42

Philips-trimmer Norelco wash

The final Philips trimmer we are going to be reviewing is the Norelco QT4014/42. People with thicker beards also seemed to have been able to use this trimmer successfully. It provided them an exact trim as per the setting indicator. It also has a lot of trim settings which is not seen in a lot of trimmers, this gives you a lot of option to experiment with your look.

It also holds its charge well and can be used while plugged in as well. It is also affordable which is great. The only negative thing about this Philips trimmer is it might be a little too noisy but even the noise is worth it because of the performance it provides at the unbelievably affordable price. The blades sharpen themselves so there is never a dull shave and it is also easy to clean as well.

Norelco has once again provided us with three great trimmers, each one at a great price that works effectively enough. There can be improvements, of course, but at these prices, these trimmers deliver on expectations and do not disappoint. So, if you are looking for trimmers, you can opt for any of the three and you will be completely satisfied with your purchase.


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Jan - March 8, 2015

i think that Philips Trimmer Norelco QT4014/42 is the best philips trimmer

Thomas - May 21, 2015

i noticed at the Norelco QT4070/41 a great design and from the ratings, i take that it is a great trimmer. i was wondering.. is the case made from metal or plastic?

Randy - July 8, 2015

Thomas.. the case is made from both metal and plastic.


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