What The Amish Can Teach You About The Best Safety Razor For Beginners

Amish Best Safety Razor For BeginnersLet’s face it, the Amish know how to shave! They are always sport perfectly formed beards around the chin and sideburn area and keep the rest of their beard area spotlessly smooth and hair-free. Bearing this in mind, they should be able to tell you a thing or two about maintaining the beard so we thought we’d take a lesson from these religious guys and find out which is the best safety razor for beginners.

Why The Amish Wear A Beard

Do you know why the Amish wear a beard? The tradition goes back to the early Amish when they wore really fancy mustaches. However, they were victimised by other military groups who also wore elaborate mustaches. The Amish wanted to distance their look from these military groups so growing a mustache was soon forbidden, but beards remained a requirement because they related to biblical men. The Amish man will only start to grow a beard once he marries and from then, he stops shaving that area of his face, only concentrating on his upper lip, keeping it hair-free in honour of the early days of the Amish.

For starters use a Safety Razor for Beginners!

Now, as the Amish men take their beard really seriously, they insist on using a good quality razor because they can’t afford razor burn, aggravation or irritation. Neither do they want razor bumps or cuts and nicks so they usually use safety razors. This protects their skin and the way they sculpt their beard is part of their identity so they have to look pristinely groomed.
Bearing all of that in mind, the Amish know how to look after their facial hair really well so we picked out a list of the best safety razor for beginners that are used by the Amish and tell you why you should be using them too.

Ultimate Shaving Kit Set by Maison Lambert (Retail $110)

Best Safety Razor For Beginners - Lambert shaving kit

This complete shaving kit set comprises of organic shaving soap, aftershave balm, a wood shaving bowl, 100% pure black badger shaving brush and a double-edge safety razor which is great for beginners. It’s entirely hand-made and brings you everything you need for the best type of shave.

The aftershave balm is made out of good quality ingredients, including Argan oil (great for softening beard hair and kind to skin), cocoa butter (a good hydrator) and Aloe Vera (known for its soothing properties).

Shaving using this kit is simple, no irritation or aggravated skin, no razor bumps and because the razor is a safety razor, it protects against cuts and nicks. It’s a good quality shaving kit although it’s not easy on the pocket but if you’ve got the cash, it’s worth the investment.

Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit (Retail $55)

Gentleman Jon Straight Shaver Set

Gentleman Jon is a name synonymous with quality shaving. For a mid-price safety shaving kit, we’d recommend this set which comes with a set of six different shaving items, a safety razor, badger hair brush, alum block, shave soap, Astra razor blade and stainless steel bowl. So you have everything you need to start shaving.

This set gives you a good quality product and will really last. The shave soap is gentle on the skin and foams up nicely to allow the safety razor to glide over the skin, the badger hair brush distributes the foam neatly and generously, it doesn’t scratch either and the razor blade is designed to protect the skin from abrasion so it passes the test for a place on our best safety razor for beginners list.

Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury, Shave Set (Retail $23.55)

Van Der Hagen Straight Shaver Set

This shave set is definitely aimed at the beginner and comprises of four different, useful items that give you everything you need to start on your shaving journey – safely! Set contains a 100% pure badger hair brush, monogrammed apothecary mug, hypo-allergenic shaving soap and a combo brush & razor stand.

It’s easy to use, just put the soap into the mug, wet the brush using warm water and apply the lather using the brush. Then rinse out the brush once finished and place on the stand to dry. We do like this kit for beginners but it won’t last for a very long time as the hairs on the brush tend to fall out after a while.

The soap has a very strong scent and the razor is kind enough to skin so we’d recommend this for the first few shaves to get to grips with using a razor.

Merkur Shaving Gift Set with Merkur Best Safety Razor for Beginners (Retail $68.95)

This is a decent set at a mid-price and comes with the accessories that you need; badger shaving brush with a smart chrome handle, a chrome shaving bowl with a Colonel Conk Shaving Soap and a long-handle safety razor which made the cut for our best safety razor for beginners pick. The brush is basically an average brush, but it spreads the soap relatively easily.

The bowl is small however if you’re patient with it, you get used to it. The soap contains glycerine which is kind to the skin. As we said, it’s a good all over beginner kit but once you know how to shave properly you may want to move on to another set.

Gentleman Jon’s Wet Shave Kit (Retail $75)

Gentleman Jon Straight Razor Travel Kit

Here’s a good kit for the money, it gives you all the tools you need for a safer shave and a close shave as well. The products are good quality (what you’d expect from Gentleman Jon) and the products really last.

The kit contains a safety razor, Badger hair brush, canvas and leather dopp kit, shaving stand, alum block, shaving bowl, soap and razor blades. The soap smells fantastic and the razor is a premium product, delivering a smooth, comfortable shave and protecting the skin.

The only downside may be the bowl which is on the small side but other than that, this is a decent starter set.

Mid Century Shaving Kit (Retail $39.97)

Mid Century Straight Razor Kit

This complete shaving kit comes with everything you need to enjoy wet-shaving and at a low price. The brush is good quality, it doesn’t shed and it doesn’t smell, the razor is heavy without weighing down your wrist and it’s safety so protects your skin from cuts and aggravation,

The stand holds all your gear perfectly well and is strong enough to stay put in one place! The brush is made out of badger hair and distributes the foam evenly and because the razor is a safety razor for beginners, it discourages ingrown hairs. All in all a good little beginner’s kit that gets our vote for the list of best safety razor for beginners list.


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