Best Way To Shave Your Head: All Essential Tips & Tricks

Shaving head to stop hair loss & promote hair growth   |   How to shave your head with a rotary razor   |   How to shave your head with a double-edge razor   |   How to avoid razor burn when shaving your head   |   Shaving head with an electric shaver / clippers / trimmer   |   Shaving head without cream – with baby oil/coconut oil

When I was in college in the early 1990s, I once came home to an answering machine message from my older brother. In a panicky, disbelieving voice he described how he had decided to shave his head, using the phrase “I shaved my head” roughly 15 times in a 90-second voice mail.

My brother did not look good with a shaved head. He sort of look like the kind of guy you’d see in the background of one of the Mad Max movies.

But the early 1990s weren’t a time of shaved head popularity. You had Michael Bolton rocking his long locks and Brad Pitt doing Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall (the worst movie about the Civil War ever filmed by the way).

Now sure there were guys shaving their heads for things like swimming or spiritual reasons or to support a friend going through chemotherapy during the 1990s, but three names made shaved heads cool by the end of the decade:

  • Bruce
  • Sam
  • Laurence

Best Way To Shave Your Head

Bruce as in Willis, who shaved his head for his role as Butch the boxer in Pulp Fiction and made bald beautiful.

Sam as in Jackson who shaved his head to join the Jedi Council in The Phantom Menace and gave balding nerds everywhere a new haircut choice.

Laurence as in Fishburne who so bad-ass as Morpheus in The Matrix that you almost forgot how terrible an actor Keanu Reeves is.

Shaving Head To Stop Hair Loss & Promote Hair Growth

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Shaving your head when you’re losing your hair might sound about as smart as burning your house down because you dropped a candle on the ground. There is the theory that shaving your head will cause your hair to grow back thicker and fuller, but that’s not actually the case. What can happen is that when your hair is all shaved off or cut very close by clippers, all of the hairs on your hair can seem like they are equal length and give the appearance of being thicker. The best way to promote hair growth is to keep your scalp very healthy and very clean.

How To Shave Your Head With A Rotary Razor

Using a rotary razor is the ultimate in protection. Despite the fact that there are three blades spinning round and round on your noggin, the chances of actually cutting yourself are non-existent, unless an asteroid crashes through your roof while you’re using it. Not only do you not have to worry about cuts, but the same goes for razor bumps and irritation as you won’t be making any oddly-awkward maneuvers. And it’s not just the health of your hair and your head that are going to like it, but you’ll also be cutting down on the time and energy required to shave your head by using an electric rotary razor. If you want to go the route of an electric razor, the best advice is to try them out in person, not via online reviews or forums. Every razor is going to have a slightly different grip, and you want the one that feels the best in your hand. These razor grips are meant to be ergonomic, meaning they maximize the effort you put into them to do the most work. You want something you’ll be comfortable with.

How To Shave Your Head With A Double-Edge Razor

Best Way To Shave Your Head

Double-edged razors are great for shaving your head with because it keeps you honest and aware of what you’re doing. Most double-edged blades are made out of metal, which gives them extra weight. Trust me when I say the last thing you want when shaving your head is to have the feeling of zipping around your noggin with a light-weight razor. Next thing you know you’re clutching the porcelain with blood spurting.

Another plus of this sort of razor is that you’re not having to comport yourself or the razor to a specific angle to get a clean cut. Since it has razors on both sides, you can attack your head from any angle you want. Perhaps attack isn’t the right word choice there, but you catch my drift. And perhaps best of all, the blades are so cheap that a $5 bill will keep you in them for a couple of years.

How To Avoid Razor Burn When Shaving Your Head

Deciding to shave your head is already a gamble in some ways – you’re exposing your dome to the evils of the hot sun among a million other threats and if you do it wrong, you look a bit like a Klingon. To get yourself in the best position to avoid razor burn, there are a few steps you absolutely must follow first.

  1. Cut your Hair You want your hair no more than a quarter-inch in length before you start shaving. If it’s longer, you’re going to experience some serious snagging.
  2. So Clean You Could Eat Off It: Once you’ve clipped yourself down, really do a good job washing and scrubbing your head. This will get rid of dry skin and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. And if you do cut yourself and get razor burn, it won’t spread via infection.
  3. One Direction: Shave with the grain of your hair. If you go against it, you’re going to ramp up the chances for razor bumps. And don’t shave the same spot, that really ramps up the chance of it being a problem area.
  4. Invest in the Product: Good shaves don’t happen by accident, they take time and effort and a healthy dose of quality products. 

Best Way To Shave Your Head

 Shaving Head With An Electric Shaver / Clippers / Trimmer

Shaving your head with an electric shaver, clippers, or a trimmer are all options designed to maximize the safety aspect of the head-shaving process. You’re a lot less likely to encounter nicks, cuts or razor burns with any of these tools, but you’ll have to work harder to get that really fine cut. If you have the clippers, start there and get your hair down to about one-quarter of an inch in length before you go after it with the electric shaver.

Shaving Head Without Cream – With Baby Oil/Coconut Oil

It might sound crazy, but shaving with baby oil is a great way to keep your head from getting all those little nicks and cuts we know and loathe. It’s the best value in a shaving lubricant we have ever seen, given that it’s very cheap, available everywhere, and leaves your skin feeling baby soft.

There are plenty of options for getting your head shaved as the style becomes more and more acceptable. Here’s hoping you found the right option for yourself. Until next time, Full Beard Ahead.

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