Which Is Better: Beard Balm vs Beard Oil

Unless you’ve been living under a bush somewhere you know that beards are big news right now and every celebrity male worth their pound of flesh is sporting one, from David Beckham to Drake, Jamie Dornan to Ryan Gosling – they aren’t going anywhere. If you haven’t taken the plunge and started to grow one you could be missing out, especially with your success with the ladies.

When we asked women what type of facial hair they liked the most, the overall answer was a big, bushy but neatly trimmed, silky-soft beard. It seems to get their pulses racing and we’re not talking about a few lame bristles sticking aimlessly out of your chin, we’re talking grizzly and the furrier the better…women just love facial hair. We asked a cross-section of women between the ages of 21 and 35 what they loved about their bearded partner and here are a few reasons why they fall at a bearded man’s feet…

  • A beard tickles…in all the RIGHT places (you know what we’re talking about!), sex feels better and makes the sensation even more heightened
  • A beard is ridiculously virile, what man with a beard doesn’t look like a hunter-gatherer? What woman doesn’t want to be swept up by their caveman and taken into a cave?!
  • A man with a beard looks far more capable than Mr. Clean-Cut Preppy Type – he’s just more lived in and he can change a tire too
  • Girls think a beard is fun to play with…think of all the TLC your beard will get while she’s stroking its silkiness
  • A beard looks ridiculously cool; no one messes with a bearded man
  • Men with beards look confident, street-smart and like they know what they’re doing (you don’t have to really know what you’re doing…) 

What Beard Products Do You Need?

Which Is Better: Beard Balm vs Beard Oil

Yep, we’ve convinced you to grow that beard but you need patience and the right products to get it tamed into place so it looks seriously street. If you’ve never grown more than a few hairs and a cluster of zits you need to understand what you should stock in your bathroom.

There are two different beardy products to get to grips with, beard oil and beard balm (or pomade). Short of stocking your bathroom shelf with hundreds of toiletries you don’t need we’ll help you work out what’s best for your face and why.

What Are Beard Balm and Beard Oil For?

Tame and nourish the Beard! Most men can grow a beard but if you want it to be the right type of beard and attract the right type of woman you need it to look cared for. That means neat, tidy and soft – no trailing, straggly, patchy beards allowed. Beard balm and beard oil are essentials for today’s bearded guy. Both of these products keep beards tidy, soft and healthy looking.

They also help with healthy beard growth because you’ll find that they have all these fancy ingredients inside that are actually good for men’s beards, like Shea butter (Shea what?) – yes it’s good for beards!

Now some of you bearded brothers know how to groom your beard or maybe you’re just born with a naturally full, naturally bushy and naturally neat beard, in which case – we’re jealous. However, most of you aren’t in which case you need a beard balm or oil. Generally, short and medium length beards are good for bear oil but longer beards or those which need lots of TLC or “hold” need beard balm. Although you can use either.

What Are Beard Balm & Beard Oil Made Of?

Basically, all those smelly ingredients your girlfriend uses (or wife…or mother!) to make their hair scented all sweet and delicious except the aromas are more masculine. These ingredients are good for the beard-grower!

Oil is moisturizing and will keep your beard hair looking nice and glossy. Even though it’s oil, there’s no grease – yes, we know, it’s confusing. Beard oil absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky mess– nothing attractive about white bits or alien particles stuck to any beard, no matter how good looking you are!

Oil leaves a flatter finish with less gloss. If you are interested in what beard oil is made of, it’s not regular oil, it’s fancy like jojoba, Argan oil and tea tree oil. While you might not be familiar with them, they are literally like gold for your beard, full of vitamins and natural minerals, hey won’t weigh down your beard or clog up your pores and will make your beard look incredible.

Balm Longer beards can take oil but they’re also suited to balm because it has higher viscosity and really moisturizes, keeping it healthy and strong. Think about it, longer the beard, the more prone to breakage and damage. Balms are far more marshmallow-like, kind of thick and sticky and you do need to massage and comb them in.

A balm is also good for keeping those flyaway bits of hair that don’t want to lay flat and you can use it on your mustache or side-burns. Really curly beards or wiry beards are good for beard balm too. Beard balm contain wondrous oils that females can’t get enough of (so they’ll want more than a piece of you!) but they also have beeswax and butter such as Shea butter (really soft and nourishing) which gives the balm its thicker, stickier consistency.

While beard balm tames the unruly hairs it does not style quite like beard oil! Use Beard Oil for shorter beards and a silky, glossy finish, Bear Balm for longer beards, wiry beards and those that need to keep healthy.

When Should You Use Beard Balm or Beard Oil?

There’s no “when” because both are more of a maintenance product than anything else. Unless you want to go out with an unkempt beard, you should use your balm or oil whenever you leave the house! Once (or maybe twice) a day and definitely in the morning (no one wants a bad, bed beard) should be enough and never overload the product. You’ll get to know your beard as well as you know yourself and it’s like your hair, you know how to treat that (hopefully), so you’ll know when your beard needs some extra help (like when you go on a date!). You’ll know what to do and how often to do it in time.

  • Apply in the morning
  • You’ll get to know your beard
  • Never overload product
  • If you want to look good, use your products!
  • Apply when on a date (obviously!)
  • Applying Beard Balm
  • A balm is thicker so you need to use a little force when scraping it out in order to tame the beard!
  • Scrape some out with the back of your thumbnail
  • Place that piece in the middle of your palm.
  • Rub palms together, this warms up the balm so makes it easier to apply.
  • Start at the side and work toward the middle and bottom of your beard
  • Make sure you really work it in, comb it through with a beard comb or your fingers. 

Applying Beard Oil

  • Always start with the mantra “less is more” because if you apply too much oil you could end up clogging your pores and you don’t want a face full of zits.
  • Take a small dime size amount and work it into your hands
  • Distribute it evenly through your beard
  • Use a comb to finish off, if necessary (good for in-between length beards)
  • CAUTION do not over-apply beard oil, you will look ridiculously greasy – no woman wants to date a greasy man, ever! 

How To Use Beard Oil and Beard Balm Together

Some bearded guys use both together because they have stray hairs that need putting into place! Beard balm is best for that job but it does not style so if you want to do both, you need both! you might have a beard that doesn’t work well with balm so you should err on the side of caution and only use a very little of it. If this sounds like your beard, use a little oil first and then smooth down those pesky nasty bits with just a smidge of balm.

Put a little beard oil in the palm of your hands rub them together, then apply to your beard like you would your hair
Finish off with a little balm. It’s as easy as that, even for the man who hates male grooming

How Long Does Beard Balm & Beard Oil Last?

In terms of putting it on your beard, as long as your beard stays looking good. Everyone’s hair type is different (like your head-hair!). In terms of a 30ml bottle of oil or tin of balm, the oil up to 6 weeks and a tin around a month or so, this depends on the length of your beard though.

Beard Balm, Beard Oil or Beard Pomade?

This depends on the look you want to achieve. As for pomade or wax, they are just other words for a balm but they’re the same thing except some balms are made using petroleum (thicker consistency) and others using water (thinner consistency). Your best bet is to have beard oil and beard balm at the ready. Use oil to nourish and give your beard a super shiny glossy look and use your balm to tame it…

Why Your Beard Will Improve Your Sex Life

Fact – women LOVE beards and it’s been proven that men with facial hair have a better success rate in a long-term relationship than those who are clean-cut (Journal of Evolutionary Biology Study on 8,520 women, University of Queensland). It’s not just about relationships either. Sex with a bearded guy is more intense, more pleasurable for her and when she’s having a great time, you will ALWAYS benefit. Get her hot with your beard and she’ll want to please you too. If you don’t believe us – just grow a beard and we bet you’ll enjoy a huge boost to your sex life.

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