Brad Pitt: It’s Not the Man, It’s the Mustache

Brad Pitt MoustacheMovie star Brad Pitt has long been regarded as one of the sexiest men on earth. Ever wonder why? Chances are, if you asked someone this question, they probably would not say “his mustache,” first thing.

However, we love Pitt’s new mustache look. It is one that looks just a bit more natural than some of the other overly styled alternatives out there. Here, we will sing the praises of Pitt’s mustache. We will also tell you how you can make your facial hair look the same.

A Less Stylized Approach

Pitt’s recent choice of mustache was, he says, for his film By the Sea. He just recently returned to the US from Malta after shooting this film with his partner, Angelina Jolie. No matter what the reason was for his growing it, we think it looks great on him. The more casual styling just seems to fit his overall personality. If you are going for a slight throwback look that is ϋber manly (think Magnum P.I.), this might be the right choice for you. Pair it with longer, shaggier sideburns and you got the look.

A Fabulous Specimen

If you are doubting that you can pull off a look like Pitt’s, do not! It is a look that nearly anyone can do. And while Pitt’s mustache is a fabulous specimen of what a great mustache looks like, you can get the same look.

All it takes is a bit of patience. You will want to start by growing out your mustache for a bit. Train your mustache by starting to shave your neck, cheeks, and chin completely, but leaving the hair for your mustache. Pitt’s mustache follows the length of his entire upper lip. Keep this in mind while trimming.

Getting the Look – Shaving the Stache

Once your mustache has grown out, it is time to get the style. One reason that we love Pitt’s look is because you can get it even with scissors. Once you have shaved, dry comb your mustache.

Trim the top part so both sides come down in a diagonal from your nose. The tips of the mustache should reach the corners of your upper lip. Brush through it again. Use scissors to trim along the bottom.

Pay attention to shape. Avoid making faces to keep cuts even. Comb through once more. Trim for length this time. Be careful. Give it one last comb and nab any stray hairs you missed.


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Fred - June 10, 2015

his mustache looks very nice 🙂 i think i’ll try to grow one too ( even though my wife doesn’t want to 🙂 )


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