What Does Aftershave Do?

After shave commercial vintage

Growing up in the 1980s, my main exposure to the world of aftershave was this bizarre commercial for Skinbracer (by Mennen) that I was able to watch just now for the first time in 30 years thanks the glorious wonder of YouTube.

My lasting impression as a young teenager watching it was in the fact that once the guy had shaved, slapped on the aftershave, and hopped out of his limo, this good-looking woman was totally all over him and he didn’t even have to say a word – that’s some damn potent stuff. On retrospect, I also wonder what kind of dummy is riding a motorcycle wearing a three-piece suit and a helmet, and why we all thought short shorts were OK for jogging back then. But, I digress.

What is aftershave in the first place?

Modern aftershave has two main components – an antiseptic and a moisturizer. The antiseptic is there to reduce the risk of infection when men cut themselves shaving. The antiseptic contains a healthy dose of alcohol to clean out any cuts; although the overwhelming majority of razors are safeguarded against cuts in a host of different ways.

The second component, the moisturizer, softens skin after a shave, keep the pours open and preventing oil from clogging them. When you apply aftershave after taking a shower, it wipes away all the excess dirt and oils that can clog your pores, causing acne and red skin.

What’s in Aftershave?

Alcohol is a major component, as previously mentioned, but essential oils are what is doing the real legwork here. Tea tree oil is a common ingredient; it is an antiseptic and antibacterial naturally. Other great essential oils to look for in aftershave or to include should you choose to make your own are lavender, witch hazel, Vitamin E, and cedar wood.

essential-oilsWitch hazel is an astringent, which means it shrinks or reduces tissues that it comes in contact with. Outside of aftershave, it’s commonly used to treat poison ivy and hemorrhoids. Vitamin E is full of antioxidants and helps hunt down free radicals. Lavender obviously has a great smell, but also is soothing to the skin and the nostrils. Cedar wood naturally warms your skin, repels insects, and keeps skin looking healthy.

What’s That Smell?

Ironically, the least essential part of an after shave is the one that is the most heavily marketed – the fragrance. Putting distinct manly smells into aftershave allows the likes of Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger into a market that they literally have no business in. A unique smell leads to dramatic, fashion-based packaging – different sized bottles, different shaped packaging, artificial coloring of the product, etc.

How Do I Apply Aftershave?

Well the first step should be pretty obvious – don’t use it until after you shave which also means after a shower. Put a few drops of aftershave on your hands and rub it together, this lets some of the alcohol evaporate – too much can really sting your face particularly if you have open cuts on your face already.

Start at your cheeks and rub down to your jawline and then your neck. If you feel like you need more, apply a second pass with less product. Do this regularly to promote healthy skin that looks, feels, and smells great.

Until next time, Full Beard Ahead.

Shaving Soap Vs Shaving Cream

Shaving soap vs shaving cream

The Difference Between Shaving Soap and Shaving Cream

If you’ve just started shaving or you want to change your routine you’ll probably be overwhelmed with so many different shaving cream and soap products on the market today all promising to do the same thing. For any guy, it’s difficult to choose the right thing to meet your needs. After all, all men are different; we all have different skin types, hair type and facial hair growth so what’s right for your best buddy probably won’t work for you, even though he swears by it. Use the wrong product and your face will suffer the consequences, it’s important to get it spot on.

The first thing to do is to get to grips with how shaving soap works vs shaving cream. Yes, there are differences. Then you can work out if either is right for what you want. So, so you’re rushing out to buy something, stop – take a moment and think about the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

What Do Shaving Cream & Shaving Soap Do?

We won’t insult your intelligence – you know they help you shave, but they do more than that. OK, we’re sure you want facial hair that isn’t too rough or prickly (no one wants to kiss a porcupine!) but mainly, you want something that doesn’t aggravate your skin when you use your razor. If you’ve ever made the huge mistake of shaving without using any shaving product at all you’ll know what we mean (and we’ve all been caught short from time to time). The result is shaving rash, bleeding and a breeding ground for bacteria – no one wants a face of scabs and zits! So, you NEED product and you need something mighty fine. Shaving cream and shaving soap both lather up and this gives your face a nice, soft barrier for a shaver to work its magic on, it provides lubrication too.

[amazon_link asins=’B003VZPTAC,B000FGWU0W,B01GDZC0ZS,B000FGWU0M,B06WVBHFLL,B006NZ3PYY,B00TKOK5KC,B009HUD53S,B01MA1JQH0′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b5d64e9f-51b9-11e7-8476-fde755c264e4′]

The main points:

  • Shaving Cream & Soap provide a barrier between your skin and a razor blade
  • They stop you from shaving rash and help to prevent cuts
  • They soften facial hair

How Shaving Cream Works

Shaving cream is a real traditional method used for facial hair and comes in tubs or tubes. As a word of caution, when you choose one, beware of those that are packed with chemicals. You want something with natural oils, Shea butter and Aloe Vera. OK, we know women use these types of natural ingredients in their skincare but there’s a reason – they are gentle on skin. Don’t worry, male shaving creams smell entirely different to women’s toiletries and the natural oils used are intensely male scented. Shea butter softens skin and moisturises it and Aloe Vera protects and soothes skin from the shaving action (especially if you cut yourself). One of the biggest plus points with shaving cream is that it’s quicker in lathering up than shaving soaps.


Shaving soap vs shaving cream vs shaving gel

Now you may have heard of Shaving Gel – this is so similar to shaving cream but we felt we should touch on it. It just looks like a gel rather than a cream but it lathers up the same way, delivers the same type of result, it’s just transparent rather than creamy in consistency. However, you might find that because gel is slightly thicker, it can clog up your razor blade more than cream.

The main points:

  • Shaving cream protects, moisturises and hydrates skin
  • Shaving cream softens facial hair
  • Shaving cream lathers up really fast!
  • Shaving cream can be quite drying to skin so if you have a dry skin already, best to avoid it altogether

[amazon_link asins=’B00H8A2KSU,B00JIYAGMG,B06WVBHFLL,B0007MW2ZW,B00FF77IQC,B00837YY18′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2aabc8d2-51b9-11e7-8878-afe5b5239738′]

How Shaving Soap Works

There are hundreds of different shaving soaps available to use and they all promise their own miracles! For example, hard soaps, triple milled, cream soaps, semi-hard soaps…get the picture? It’s hard to know what you want! Triple milled soaps are expensive and that’s because they produce a great lather and feel really indulgent than other soaps. They’re also thicker so will last longer, so while they seem expensive, actually they will last…and last! This doesn’t mean they are necessarily better than the others; most are really similar and there aren’t huge differences, it’s really down to what works for you. Cream soaps tend to run down faster than the other versions. If you have sensitive skin it’s better to choose something fragrance-free in which case shaving soap will probably be better for you than shaving cream.


Is shaving cream or shaving soap better for sensitive skin?

  • Shaving soaps take longer to lather up and need a lathering “technique” that comes with experience
  • Shaving soaps generally don’t smell quite as good as shaving cream….however, as most are fragrance free, this means they’re better for you sensitive guys out there (we’re talking sensitive SKIN!)

How Do Creams Versus Soaps Differ In Price?

It’s difficult to give you solid information on both because shaving creams vary from just $4.00 right up to $15 and just because you’re paying more doesn’t mean you’re getting a better product. Again, shaving soap starts around the $6 mark and goes right up to around $20 for a designer product.

If you’re just starting out, a word of advice, begin with a well-known product name that has good customer reviews, like Gillette (a double pack is around the $11 mark). See if it works for you and if not, start experimenting with other brands. If cream disagrees with your skin type, use a good quality shaving cream, something like Vikings Blade Luxury Shaving Cream (a price hike at around $20) and if that doesn’t work for you – move onto soap. A good starter soap product is the Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set which comes complete with brush, stand and razor mug, well worth the additional outlay.

[amazon_link asins=’B006NZ3PYY,B000FGWU0W,B01GDZC0ZS,B06WVBHFLL,B01MA1JQH0,B009HUD53S,B00JIYAGMG,B00H8A2KSU’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e42c7e23-51b9-11e7-87ee-2de3a9253f23′]

Should You Shave Before Or After Shower

shave before or after shower


When is the best time for a dude to wet shave, before or after showering? You’ll find that everyone has their own routine but is there a difference to the end result? The answer to that is not hugely but there is a difference to time, pleasure and how easy it is to shave.

Most men adopt the same routine as their older brother or their father because, usually, they’re the folks who help you to learn how to acquire the right shaving skill. However, always remember, if you use a regular razor, that blade is very sharp so you need to prep your skin to cope with it. We bet you’ve asked yourself whether you should shave before your shower or after your shower. Here’s our best advice, because both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wet-Shaving Before Showering

You may or may not know that when shaving it’s best to “soften” the hair and open up the pores. Hair that isn’t soft and smooth could be tough and bristly which makes it much harder to shave. So now you know that your hair needs to be soft, bet you’re thinking you need to shower first…not necessarily! You can still soften up your facial hair with good old warm water.

Wet shaving towel

So here’s what to do if you want to wet shave pre-shower…

  • Run warm water into your bathroom sink (with or without a gentle facial soap)
  • Use a washcloth and soak it in the water
  • Apply the washcloth to your face very gently which will help to soften the hair

Wet Shaving, No Showering!

You can also do this without having a shower at all – so if you want to shave quickly and have no time to shower, just follow the steps above….but please, shower at least once a day! Your face might feel soft but if your body stinks, forget any action with a woman!

The pros of shaving before or without showering

  • It’s fast
  • It’s refreshing using a warm washcloth on your face
  • It’s convenient
  • When you jump in the shower post-shaving you can get rid of any stray bits of hair that land on parts of your body

When shaving with an electric shaver

Electric shaver

Also, there are men that prefer to use an electric razor, in which case you don’t need any water at all – just go ahead and shave but remember to apply some sort of moisturiser with something soothing like Aloe Vera in it afterwards. This helps to calm down any inflammation. Don’t be tempted to soak your facial hair in warm water first because electric razors are not designed for this so you just don’t need to do it. If you’re an electric razor guy, always shave first and then shower.

Shaving Post-Shower

Have you been advised to shave after showering by your dad or older brother? Well, this is a traditional routine and there are lots of reasons why your dad, brother, grandfather and grandfathers before did this. It’s the easiest way of soaking your facial hair in warm water, the steam that comes from showering helps to open up the pores on your face which in turn, allows your hair follicles to play ball with your shaver. You get a much closer shave.

Standing in a nice, warm shower softens up the skin on your face and gives you an easier, more comfortable shaving experience. It also makes it really quick because your shaver should glide easily over your skin….the only time problem is waiting a few minutes for your mirror to de-mist! Don’t leave it too long though because your pores will close up really fast!

Pros of showering post-shower

  • Pores open naturally
  • You get a real close shave
  • Your shaver glides easily over your skin
  • It’s better if you have zit-prone skin because the heat opens up the pores, allowing them to breathe

So what’s better? Well, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for a shower, follow the steps using just warm water and a washcloth but if you do have the time or you’re going to shower and shave anyway – have that shower first. It just makes sense!

Best Beard Balm For Each Skin And Hair Type


As beards and facial hair become more and more the signature way for a man to define his own style and sense or fashion, the personal grooming marketplace for all things facial hair has exploded. Brands and products are a dime a dozen, and without proper guidance, it can be really difficult for even the most savvy of consumers to find those diamonds in the rough that are really going to help your beard look its best and maintain long-term health.

At the forefront of the beard revolution is beard balm, not to be confused with beard oil. Today, we’ll be tackling the best beard balms on the market based on your particular needs and style.

What is Beard Balm?

Personally, when I think the word ‘balm’, two ideas come to mind: 1) An apothecary somewhere in the Middle Ages selling weird potions to cure your ails and also offering to leech you or 2) That classic episode of Seinfeld where Kramer is going to successfully sue Big Coffee for damages when it spills on him at the movie theater, only to use balm from a friend that clears it up before he can cash in. Kramer’s erstwhile attorney Jackie Childs furiously questions “Who told you to put the balm on?” while lamenting his loss millions.

Kramer Balm

Beard balm combines the best aspects of beard oil with moisturizers and sealants to give your beard the fullest, healthiest look possible.

It starts with a base of beard oil, the best of which are:

  • Jojoba: A hot wax ester found in desert shrubs that doesn’t clog pores.
  • Argan: The “liquid gold” of the facial hair industry; it has great elasticity and provides lots of Vitamin E.

Another choice for the base oil is grapeseed, but it is generally held as a worse option given its tendency to spoil. The oil is mixed with several other components, the most important of which is a sealant – this locks in the moisture of your beard and allows you to style it anyway you want.

Much like the base oil itself, there are two top-notch sealants to look for in your balm of choice, and one that gets the job done to a degree, but has negatives that outweigh its positives. The best two are:

  • Shea – the product of African sheanut trees, it’s also very popular as Shea butter – a skin moisturizer. It washes out easily and does not clog your pores.
  • Beeswax – As natural a product as you can find, it’s made by common honeybees and stored in their hives. It gets top-notch marks for holding your beard in the style you want, and is a strong sealant as well.

The third most-popular choice for balm sealant is petroleum jelly which has a universally bad rap, at least partly because it water-resistant, meaning your pores will dry out and your beard will get dry and rough.

How Do You Apply Beard Balm?

We might resent the comparison we get to cavemen, but that’s how easy these instructions are when it comes to applying beard balm. The stuff can get a bit pricey, but as long as you stay away from grapeseed it’ll last a long, long time.

how to use beard balm

Here are the quick steps to take to apply beard balm.

1) Carefully remove beard balm approximately the size of a dime from the jar.

2) Rub balm between your palms for an even spread.

3) Start at the bottom of your beard and run your fingers through your beard, making sure you connect your palms to the roots of the beard where it enters your skin.

4) When you reach the top, reverse direction and go top to bottom.

5) Next use your fingertips to work the area around your mouth moustache.

6) Use a brush to straight and shape your beard.

Best Beard Balms

Just like snowflakes, no two beards are alike. It starts with your DNA – what region of the world your ancestors were from, what ethnicity you are, what kind of skin tone and skin composition you have. And that’s all before we even get to the actual beard! Your facial hair might be brittle, smooth, strong, elastic, springy, curly, and any other word I can think of to type into thesaurus.com. The point being, different balms for different beards, but how do you pick the best one?

With our help of course! We’ve put together a breakdown of the best balms for every type of beard under the sun and we’ve shared them with you below. Can’t find your specific type beard? Drop us a line and we’ll make sure to expand it in our next guide.

For Short Beards and Goatees – Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

[amazon_link asins=’B00F3FNY8M’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’33cadb55-501f-11e7-b334-9fb098e8e8e6′]You might be under the misinformation that “only” sporting a goatee or a shorter beard precludes you from needing to use facial hair products like beard balm. But think about it – you’re not growing a goatee because of its magical powers or because you’re joining a cult (and if you are, I really do apologize, please don’t hunt me down and sacrifice me to your gods). You’re growing a goatee because you like the way it looks and others have said likewise. If you’re going to grow it, take care of it!

For the short stuff, I’m a big fan of Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner, which is one heck of a product name; I’m guessing that they aren’t putting that on the side of a truck. Now I’m a sucker for crazy-looking logos, so I’d almost buy this stuff solely based on the pipe-smoking Amish character on the jar, flanked by a pair horse-drawn buggies. But the stuff is even better on the inside, where an impressive list of ingredients blend together to make a unique feeling, delicious smelling concoction. Ingredients include:

  • Apricot kernel oils
  • Argan oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Essential oils
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Kokum nut
  • Shea butter
  • Virgin pumpkin seed oil

That’s a heavyweight list of components designed to augment the smell and feel of the balm – to be honest I got hungry just reading it, between the cocoa and the avocado oil. There is one thing to look out for – people with nut allergies might want to avoid it or test an extremely small sample because of the presence of the kokum, a nut from Africa and India that isn’t often seen in food products. Goatees take a beating because we often shave them under non-ideal conditions, so a balm like this is ideal for repairing dry, split hairs and more.

Best Beard Balm For Growth – Smooth Viking Beard Balm

[amazon_link asins=’B00QXIFPC6′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5859926b-5020-11e7-98c2-a9cd40ee5bcd’]I’m not sure Erik the Red was every referred to as smooth, particularly by the thousands of settlers he tricked into migrating to Greenland, telling them how lush and climate it was, but if you’ve got a new beard or a young beard, Smooth Viking is a great choice. It has safflower, jojoba, and argan oil as its main components, with avocado oil and pumpkin seed oil, which are both tied to having powers of growing hair at a more accelerated rate – both are common ingredients in women’s hair care products to enhance their hair’s fullness and luster. Although it claims to be all natural, Smooth Viking does not disclose which specific essential oils make up its ingredients. Trade secrets, we guess, but we’d still like a closer look.

Best Beard Balm For Mustaches – Beard Bolt XL Facial Hair Growth Stimulating Beard Balm

[amazon_link asins=’B01M7STUEL’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’bc5238d8-5020-11e7-af4d-9d8f8c4569a2′]What’s the only thing worse than a thin beard? A thin mustache. Whether you’re trying to complete the facial hair forest or merely send out a scout between your upper lip and your nose to see if you have what it takes, a mustache that comes in patchy and awkward is a miserable sight. From far off, people won’t even realize you’ve got one, and up close, every grandma in the room will try to wet her hankerchief and try to get that stain off your face.  You’ll pay an extra penny or two with Beard Bolt XL, but that’s largely because it’s the only balm on the market guaranteeing that your hair will grow if you use it. Beard Bolt is a very light touch so your hair won’t way down and you won’t wind up with balm in your mouth. If you have any allergies, you’ll want to be way on this one – Beard Bolt doesn’t reveal its list of ingredients.

For Taming Curly Beards – Rocky Mountain Beard Balm

[amazon_link asins=’B01M8G88E9′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’da463878-5020-11e7-8d2a-85129b4d8d6a’]I’m not sure how much more manly you can get than slapping balm on your beard direct from the Rocky Mountains. Denim jeans, flannel shirt, pickup truck, the whole thing could be a song by the Oak Ridge Boys. At the opposite end of the embarrassment spectrum from thin-hair mustache guy is out-of-control curly beard dude. The stuff even smells like Colorado – a mix of eucalyptus and cedarwood. If your beard is a mess, the addition of coconut oil makes it a treat to put on because your hands won’t come away feeling greasy at the end of it, and its eight, count’em, eight essential oils are all sourced from North America. And considering your average mountain man isn’t taking an early lunch so he can go by the house and work remotely, it has the power to last all day long, meaning you can slap it on in the morning and not have to worry about its potent powers wearing off before you get back home at night.

For the Best Hold – Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm and Gloss Conditioner

[amazon_link asins=’B000V8IBXE’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ed50f246-5020-11e7-bef1-8da7d18b1754′]You know what I love about this brand? It’s not just that they rolled the dice and invented a fictional character named Professor Fuzzworthy to hock their wares; it’s that they gave him an entire name and a back story. It’s actually Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy once you’ve got the label in hand. That’s not just inventing a kooky character to drum up a few extra unit sales, that’s the commitment to making this guy as real as possible. I guarantee if you ever meet the creators of Professor Fuzzworthy, they can tell you where he went to school, what his degree is in, and what sort of woman he finds to be truly Fuzz-worthy. More to our purposes, the good professor hails from Australia, and that gives him access to leatherwood beeswax, which is only found in Tasmania, thus making it readily available to one brand and not so much to everyone else. A kilogram of the stuff goes for AU$30, and the honey made by the same bees is a delicacy.

For Sensitive Skin – Scotch Porter All Natural Men’s Beard Balm

[amazon_link asins=’B01CPSJAHS’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8adfc703-5026-11e7-abee-75878c7bb267′]Scotch Porter sounds like name of a middle infielder for a turn-of-the-century baseball team, back when you could have a name like ‘Scotch’ or ‘Hack’ or ‘Three-finger’ without ever going politically correct on you.

“The 1-2 pitch to Honus Wagner is on the way, grounded up the middle, no cut off by Scotch Porter! Gets to his feet, throw on to first, got him by half a step! What a play by Scotch!”

Actually, I just checked their website. Scotch Porter is not a real person. Bummer. But, what Scotch Porter is doing in the world of facial hair care is nothing short of revolutionary. The combination of conditioner and moisturizer guarantees that sensitive skin is well-protected regardless of the environmental conditions at play. It also repels dandruff which can foul up your day in too many ways to mention. But perhaps the coolest thing about Scotch Porter is its experimentation into some really fascinating scent combinations, the most notable of which is a combination of vanilla and marshmallow fragrances that will definitely be turning heads next time you balm up and head out for the evening. It’s quite a brilliant idea, once you think about. With vanilla and marshmallow already locked in, you’re 50% of the way to an ice-cream sundae. Don’t complain when the girl you’ve been checking out all night tries to lick your face.

For Dry Skin – Beard Balm Easy-to-Use Leave-In Conditioner

[amazon_link asins=’B00I3OMMCO’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9c38b1e1-5026-11e7-a891-719603503b67′]What do you get when you combine the best of Detroit with a touch of Sri Lanka? Sounds like a Chris Tucker movie, but it’s actually Beard Balm’s Easy-to-Use Leave-In Conditioner, about the most literally named product you’ll ever hear. Manufactured in the Motor City, its organic coconut oil comes from a local farm just a hop, step, and 8,815 miles away in Sri Lanka. Remarkably, the beeswax in the mix is from right up the road in Michigan in fields that are certified pesticide free. The combination of ingredients is perfect for men with itchy, dry skin while softening beard hair and keeping split ends to a minimum. And the lemony-fresh smell should cover up all that motor oil in the air in Detroit.

For Long Beards – Seven Potions Beard Balm Woodland Harmony

[amazon_link asins=’B01H0FFTD0′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b0ecaf3a-5026-11e7-ab20-8d7872fd86ea’]On the surface, Seven Potions sounds like a bar and grill in Harry Potter’s universe and Woodland Harmony a bit like a place they send you when you’ve gone insane. But names can be deceiving as I found out when I got a hold of a sample of it. This balm is 100% natural and organic and melts very easily into your beard. It’s really well designed for longer bears because it doesn’t feel greasy and doesn’t give your beard the feeling of being weighed down all the time. It’s the kind of substance Tom Hanks would have killed for in Cast Away, and even The Dude might have appreciated in The Big Lebowski – but please, don’t make him listen to The Eagles. With essential oils including sandalwood and cedar wood, not to mention avocado and cocoa butter, your long beard is about to have the best day of its life.

For Oily Skin – Grave Before Shave Beard Balm

[amazon_link asins=’B00QZ58MSG’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c387de55-5026-11e7-a414-ab5b1e1a81ee’]All the quirky characters and silly caricatures, there’s a new beard balm in town, one that would fit in better at a Grateful Dead show. “Grave Before Shave” might be my favorite saying since I saw “Death Before Disco” on Judge Reinhold’s shirt in Stripes. We’re all men here so we can be honest and say that some of us have skin that’s not quite so wonderfully perfect. Oily skin can lead to a messy beard and not the best overall aroma, either. Grave Before Shave does a great job of peeling open your pores so that oil doesn’t get trapped inside. In addition to the usual suspects on the ingredients list, it contains aloe vera and sweet almond oil to help get those pores breathing again.

Best Beard Balm For Coarse Hair – Mountaineer Magic Beard Balm

[amazon_link asins=’B00KU7OZKY’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f8443c29-5026-11e7-ab94-5b58f03f5de9′]Mountaineer Magic? Sounds like something a play-by-play announcer came up with while calling a West Virginia football game.

“Fourth and 10, down six points, five seconds ago, the quarterback has a made open downfield, he’s at the 30, the 20, the 10, touchdown West Virginia; Oh Doctor, it’s a little Mountaineer Magic tonight!”

All kidding aside, coarse hair can make beard growing brutal at times. When your hair is already rough, the wrong balm can make it that much worse. But Mountaineer Magic is able to combat that with its potent mix of beeswax, natural oils, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. It will soften coarse hair and get those wayward strands back in line. And if you think all those ingredients together might produce an obnoxious or unpleasant aroma, think again. According to users, it has one of the most intoxicating smells going, a combination of lime, fir, and grapefruit.

For African-American Complexion – Prophet Beard Balm

In general, African-American men need a lot more moisture from their beard balm then Caucasians. Prophet pays special attention to those needs, starting with its moisturizing abilities and continuing with its dedication to not causing dandruff, irritation, or flaking, something a lot balms can’t control. And while the balm is white in the jar, it turns clear once it’s applied, leaving it invisible. The smell is light and citrusy, and it works great on lowering the degree of itchiness.

For Patchy Beards – Art Naturals Beard and Mustache Balm

[amazon_link asins=’B01B3EJ4VW’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’093ae227-5027-11e7-ad41-1da3879ea8f0′]Nothing dismisses the cool factor of a beard like big empty patches in the middle of it. It’s a bit like inviting that cute girl from the apartment upstairs over to watch TV only to realize there’s a gaping hole in your couch and the TV only picks up the Home Shopping Network. The overall place might be nice, but she’s going to notice what’s missing eventually. Art Naturals bills itself as a “follicle friendly fomade”. The biggest differences are the inclusion of sweet citrus orange oil and mango seed butter, which I’d totally go for on a bagel right now. In addition to soothing the feeling of itching skin, which can really be exacerbated by a patchy beard, it strengthens and softens your hair at the same time.

For Fast-Beard Growth – Miner’s Mint

[amazon_link asins=’B01A01XUIM’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9732ba42-5027-11e7-a04e-37174bb5aa45′]Now if the Miner’s Mint has been stored in the Miner’s pocket while he’s working all day, I think I’m going to have to pass. Gettting your beard to grow at a more rapid rate is one of the most sought-after attributes in the whole industry. There’s no surefire, slam dunk “this works every time method”, but there are some ingredients – like avocado oil and pumpkin oil – that seem to react well with many different types of hair. It has one of the more unique aromas on the market as well, with touches of spearmint and bourbon, which is probably not the best thing to be drinking when you’re working down in the mine.

So there’s the long and short of our beard balm guide. Did we miss a kind of hair or skin that matters most to you? Let us know! Until next time, Full Beard Ahead.



How to Use Beard Oil

how to use beard oil

Beard oil? You might be asking yourself why in the name of all that is manly and true would you need any sort of product in your beard.

Anything oiled when it comes to personal care products has a distinctive feminine feel to it: Our wives and girlfriends use rejuvenating oils in their hair and Oil of Olay on their skin. The typical beard-wearing man wouldn’t be caught dead using Oil of Olay to smooth out his hands, even if he were all alone. On a deserted island. In the middle of the ocean. After a zombie apocalypse killed everyone else.

But if you’re serious about your beard aka Beard Serious or quite simply Beardious, you can grasp the truth that beard oil is not a frou-frou gift store throw-in, but a legitimate product that can transform your scraggly tufts into a lush, full beard that makes you feel good and look good.

Now before you go down plunking down your hard-earned money on a case of beard oil to last you for the rest of the decade, it’s imperative that you know the ins and outs of the substance to ensure you’re selecting the best kind to put your best beard forward.

Beard Oil Basics

Still having trouble coming to grips on putting oil in your beard? Understandable. But to make it easier to comprehend, let’s stop thinking facial hair and head out to the garage for a second.

You’ve got a ’65 Ford Mustang tucked away in there. Truth be told, we both know it’s probably really a Toyota or a minivan, but we can pretend for a moment or two. You drive it every Saturday night up and down the main strip of your town and have it waxed, washed, and purring like a kitten.  You only put premium in it, and to make sure it’s running at absolute precision, you go beyond what the 50-year-old manual says and change the oil every 3,000 miles.

Ford Mustang

Yep, the light just dinged in your head. The oil.

Just like how the oil of the all-American dream machine keeps its engine cleanly humming along, so too does beard oil ensure your facial hair and the skin beneath it are looking their best and feeling that way too, each and every day of the year.

Your beard might not be a machine, but there’s no doubting the difference between what it looks like at optimal performance and when it’s itchy and unkempt.

A good beard oil accomplishes three things:

  • Moisturizes facial hair
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Makes hair softer and more compliant

What’s In a Good Beard Oil?

Continuing on our previous automotive allegory (2 Word of the Day Calendar entries in one phrase!), not all beard oils are made equally.

Ford blessed us with the Mustangs, but tried to shuck the Pinto off on us. Too young to remember the Pinto? It had a small design glitch in which if the car was rear ended it would catch on fire … and then it explode.

Lower-grade beard oils aren’t going to blow your beard off your face anytime soon, but using the wrong product can be damaging to both your hair and skin.

[amazon_link asins=’B00YKR92IK,B015T741BW,B00M49SG0Q,B01LFJZTB4,B00QXIDW2G’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a55d3590-500f-11e7-8f0f-33b876e24d28′]

So what are the top ingredients and which ones are more ‘meh’ for your money? Here’s a closer look.

Best Beard Oil Ingredients

Aragan – No, not Viggo Mortensen’s character from Lord of the Rings, these are trees that grow in Morocco. Hair care experts call the stuff “liquid gold”, which quite frankly is an insult to Texans like myself who use that phrase for crude oil, but you get the point. Argan oil is really perfect to use if you work outside or in excessively dry conditions.

Jojoba – Next time you’re out driving in the Sonoran or Mohave deserts, stop on the side of the road and you can pick some yourself from the shrub know as Simmondsia chinensis. Jojoba comes in a liquid wax form that allows the plant to survive the harsh summers and chilly winter nights in the deesrt and it can do the same for your beard, keeping it healthy and soft all year.

Not-So-Great Beard Oil Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil – There’s no shortage of grapeseed oil in the world, so lots of economically-minded beard product companies use it for their wares. That’s all find and good in the short term, but grapeseed oil goes rancid after a while. If the company selling it has had the product in stock for a fewmonths, it might be rancid when you get it, and that’s not good for anyone.

oilve oil PopeyeCoconut Oil – If you have children under the age of 12, I bet you spent most of the last six months singing “Consider the Coconut” from the Disney movie “Moana”, because as the dad of five-year-old twins, you better believe I know that song by heart. For some people, coconut oil is a great fit and it smells delicious; but for others it reacts poorly with their body chemistry and gives off an odor reminiscent of an old shoe.

Olive Oil – Not Popeye’s girlfriend, we’re talking about the stuff that you cook with that for some reason costs $6.59 for a 4-ounce bottle.  Consider this a quick-fix for your beard as it is greasy and that makes it tough to wash out. On the plus side it can knock out damage done by cheap beard washes and conditioners.


How to Use Beard Oil

The best part about beard oil is that if it were any easier to use, you could do it in your sleep.

  • Make sure you apply it right after a hot shower, because that gives your pores and hairs their cleanest, softest, and most accessible environment.
  • Completely dry your beard before using the beard oil; water and oil are not friends and don’t play well together.
  • Use an eye-dropper to get 2-3 drops of beard oil and rub it on your palms.
  • Rub your hands through your beard – side to side, bottom to top, top to bottom. Basically you want to emulate the hand gestures of an NFL general manager who has no idea who to take with his next draft pick.

    via GIPHY

  • Use a comb to complete the even distribution of the oil and set your beard in the style you want it.
  • You’re done! And you’ll see results quickly as your beard shows more luster and a thicker look as the hairs are revitalized. And if you do go for one of the cheaper options, be smart about it and only use them as long as they are smelling good and doing the job.

Until next time, Full Beard Ahead.

[amazon_link asins=’B00YKR92IK,B015T741BW,B01LFJZTB4,B00IB6IAOS,B00M49SG0Q,B00QXIDW2G’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b8a57f44-500d-11e7-9238-21a1a2b39cd8′]


How To Use Beard Balm

How to use beard balm

If you’re reading this, you have a beard. Congratulations on being awesome. You’ve graduated into that upper echelon of manliness that most poor saps never even realize exists. You’ve joined the ranks of some of the greatest figures in human history, from Jeff Lebowski to Leonardo Da Vinci to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

For guys like us, growing a beard isn’t a problem. Give us a long holiday weekend and we can walk into work on Tuesday looking like Grizzly Adams.  But the days of just growing a beard are behind us, gone the way of public pay phones and One Direction (Thank God).

But the 2017 man isn’t content with just growing a beard, he wants it looking good. Beards say a lot about who we are: rugged, confident, brash, and ready for whatever the day (or night) brings our way.

There are a million products out there packaged to keep your beard looking its best, but nothing matches a good beard balm when it comes to the triple threat of thickening your beard, moisturizing the hairs, and holding your favorite style in place all day long.

So how do you use beard balm effectively? To answer that question we have to take a step back and realize what it is and what it’s not.

Beard Balm Basics 

The first thing to realize about beard balm is that it is not beard oil. There are similarities between the two, but the differences are more important. Let’s talk chemistry a minute. Actually, scratch that, I made a ‘C’ in chemistry in high school.

Let’s talk alcoholic beverages instead. You like tequila, right? If you sad no, go shave your beard and order a chocolate milk.

Now then, tequila is great on its own, but it’s also the base of a number of other drinks. When you use tequila as a base, you can add in vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, sour mix, and a drop or two of cola, and you’ve got yourself a Long Island Iced Tea. Not only does it taste better, but it also makes you much smarter, an incredible dancer, and incredibly charming to the opposite sex.

Beard Balm TipsSimilarly, beard oil is the base for beard balm. Solves some problems on its own, but turns into a much more potent product when it’s part of a mix. Beard balm is classified as a pomade, which means it does not dry out and that it looks slick and shiny in the jar. There is quite a bit of chemistry – mixing, cooling, and heating moisturizers and sealants to give it that finished look and touch.

Common beard balm sealants include:

  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Shea butter
  • Beeswax
  • Lanolin

Of those four popular sealants, petroleum jelly is the one you need to watch out for. Petroleum jelly is an artificial product and anytime you use it, it should be washed out of your hair before going to bed. There are two big reasons to avoid it altogether:

1) It can break down the process of growing beard hair, and

2) It clogs pores, which can dry out and irritate your skin.

What Balm for What Beard? 

beard balmNo two beards are the same. If you need further proof, Google Search “Jack Sparrow” and then “Tormund Giantsbane”. One guy looks like spent he spent three hours this morning braiding his, the other decided to grow his beard out the day he turned 14 and has never looked back.

There are two objectives that beard balm needs to make happen on your face. It’s incumbent on you to figure out what sort of beard and skin you have in order to pick the correct balm and maximize its effects. Those two objectives are:

  • Moisturize
  • Seal

Let’s tackle these one at a time.

What Moisturizer Should Be in your Beard Balm?

There are three main moisturizers that are found in most standard beard balms. Here’s a deeper dive into them.

1) Grapeseed: Grapeseed is an oil that you can also use in cooking. It’s abundantly found, which means it is cheap and lowers the price of any balm it’s featured in. The downside is that it doesn’t retain its effectiveness for long, and it won’t just lose potency, it will go straighup, hardcore rancid. Don’t be the guy walking around with the rancid-smelling beard. That guy doesn’t get past the velvet rope at the club.

2) Jojoba: It sounds like the sequel to “Jumanji!” but it’s actually a hot wax ester that is non-allergenic, which means it won’t clog up your pores. This  stuff is like giving your beard a steroid shot; it’s got a ton of Vitamin B and Vitamin E, which are essential for healthy skin and strong hair.

3) Argan: Hair experts call it “liquid gold”, probably because they’re really excited that someone is calling them hair experts and want to say something cool. Seriously though, it has natural antioxidants and a huge scoop of Vitamin E; and it also adds elasticity to your hair, making it easier to style and shape.

argan oil

What Seal Should Be in your Beard Balm?

If you use grapeseed oil or common beard oil, your beard won’t seal in anything except for the dry hair you already had on your grill in the first place. Think of the seal like the way you would store food. If you get the name brand stuff, it still tastes good two days later. If you get the store brand, it tastes like cardboard.  The three most common seals are:

1) Petroleum Jelly – our old nemesis. Like grapeseed oil, it’s popular because it’s cheap and readily available. Don’t use it if at all possible.

2) Shea – No, not that dump the New York Mets used to play at out by the airport, this is Shea butter, which comes from the African sheanut tree. It washes out easily and it doesn’t clog your pores.

3) Beeswax – As you could probably deduce, this is the wax that honeybees have in their hives. Kinda gives new meaning to the “beard of bees” guy you always used to see in the Guinness Book of World Records. No wonder he was so comfortable! He had a face full of natural beard balm on! Beeswax exceeds even Shea in holding your beard in place, and it’s a terrific sealer.

How Do I Use Beard Balm?

Armed with our knowledge from above, we now see that using beard balm is actually quite simple and can be performed in a few moments with these 5 simple steps.

how to use beard balm

1) Unless you’re in ZZ Top, you don’t need more than about a dime-sized amount of balm to treat your whole beard.

2) Rub it together between your palms to spread it throughout your touch points.

3) Starting at the base of your neck, or wherever your beard begins, run your fingers through your beard, paying attention to work the balm into the roots of your hair as it emerges from your skin.

4) When you reach the top of your beard, reverse direction and run your fingers through your beard from top to bottom, making sure you pay attention to your moustache and any other facial hair around your mouth.

5) Use a beard brush – never a comb – to straighten out your beard and style it the way you like it.

And that’s it! With 10 minutes of education, you can keep your beard looking thick, healthy, and attractive every single day with 90 seconds of treatment. Full Beard Ahead.

[amazon_link asins=’B009NNFB0O,B00TOVORO6,B01M9F2I7Z,B01CEKCXXK,B00QZ58MSG,B01F0MCBJ0,B015T741BW,B00QXIK13O’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2f2b39b0-5005-11e7-9a4e-072c24a0a4b3′]

Best Shaving Kits – Father’s day Gift Ideas

Best Shaving Kit

Every father is an unsung hero in a child’s life.

With Father’s Day around the corner, as shaving accessories are somewhat assets to men,  you can’t go wrong with a shaving kit, as gift for dad. Manly and unapologetic, these high quality shaving kits make thoughtful gifts to be remembered and talked about.

What does a shaving kit contain?

Shaving kits have every shaving essentials a man needs in one place, to get that perfect grooming. While some parts of the shaving kit may be optional, and vary from brand to brand, there are others that are common.

  • Shaving cream/gel: This is essential for every shaving kit and men should not skip its use. The cream and gel work in the same way; preparing their skin so that the razor can move smoothly over it. Your choice of shaving cream should be influenced by your sensitivities as you may be allergic to some ingredients in it. Organic and fragrance-free creams/gels should be on your top list.
  • Face oil: This is another good preparatory tool that will help prepare your skin and prevent burns and cuts. This is may be optional especially since your shaving cream will perform a similar function. However, using a face oil will have an overall good effect on your shaving. When using an electric shaver, it tends to come with its own special kind of face oil suited for it.
  • Shaving brush: This is for applying the lather evenly to your face as your bare fingers will not do that effectively. When your lather is spread evenly by a good brush, your razor will move with ease. Natural hair brushes are less likely to trigger irritant reactions.
  • Razors: There is a recent fancy for electric razors because of their speed and ease of use. However, the traditional razors are still highly preferred because they achieve a closer shave than the electric ones. You can have both the electric and the regular razor to switch for your use. There is also the option of having disposable razors or long-lasting ones that can be sharpened and cleaned regularly. The latter are more expensive but they tend to work more effectively.
  • Aftershave: This is another compulsory item in every shaving kit. They are important for post-shaving care. Aftershaves that contain vitamin E and C are best as they give sunscreen protection and soothe the skin after shaving. Some aftershaves contain alcohol so they are quick to dry up; therefore, you should use a fragrance-free moisturizer afterward.

[amazon_link asins=’B01221V6QG,B00PPI77US,B0007L44SG,B00GUGIFF0,B06W9JBS9X,B00IT8K564′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’83a4eb66-4eb5-11e7-bcb9-8dbc4d73fb20′]

The Best Shaving Kits On The Market

1. Old school shaving kit with blade

Old school shaving kit with blade
I love this shaving kit that goes back to the old basics. Guaranteed to provide a clean shave, as grandpa used to have, back in the day. The kit usually comes in a starter or full package. The starter kit consists of a safety razor, extra blades, shaving soap and a badger brush. The full package starter kit includes a shaving mug, a brush, razor stand and a Styptic Pencil. Gentleman’s Hangar is a good example of the old school shaving kit. If your dad is more of an “old school”, he would really appreciate an Old school shaving kit with blade as a Father’s Day gift.

2. Vintage shaving kit with mirror

Vintage shaving kit with mirror
This antique shaving kit comes with a revolving mirror set on the shaving bowl and a stand that holds the brush and razor. The brush comes with real badger hair and deep bowl for lathering. It is an ideal kit for beginners with a familiar feel of the old. It’s a good gift idea for fathers that have a taste for the vintage.

3. Shaving kit with bag, for travel

Shaving kit with bag for travel
You can get a shaving kit with bag for your dad if he loves to travel. When going on a trip, he will want to have a shaving kit that will not make his bag bulkier and can fit in almost unnoticed. The Shaving kit by Shaveology offers classic grooming in a compact bag perfectly suited for travel. The kit includes a safety razor, pre-shave oil, shave lather, aftershave, silvertip shave brush and stand. The silvertip brush is sleek and will have a good impact on your shaving experience.

4. Shaving kit with trimmer

Shaving kit with trimmer
This Father’s Day, let your dad enjoy an amazing shave any man can get with the best shaving kit. The Remington PG525 kit is a total body grooming kit as it contains 8 attachments to cater to head to toe trimming. This shaving kit includes the full-size trimmer, ear, nose and detail trimmer, vertical body hair trimmer, hair clipper combs and 3 beard and stubble combs. The attachments are detachable, washable and the surgical blades are long-lasting and self-sharpening. Let your dad experience a clear and smooth skin on Father’s Day. He deserves to look good!

5. Shaving Kit with safety razor, bowl and badger brush

Shaving Kit with safety razor, bowl and badger brush

This Maison Lambert kit is a perfect Father’s Day gift idea. It is hand-made and hypoallergenic with every accessory arranged in an attractive wooden cigar box. Every father will cherish this gift and will know how much you appreciate them. Apart from being an amazing gift idea, it includes all the necessary tools to get the perfect grooming you desire. There is the double edge safety razor with 10 astra blade and a pure black badge brush. It also includes a shaving stand, organic shaving soap, organic aftershave and a free organic body soap.

Another variant by Usnaturals comes with a 6-set kit which includes pure badger shaving brush, 1 double edge razor, 1 chrome razor stand, 1 bowl, 1 shaving bowl and 2 extra replacement blades. The bowl is the perfect size for regular soaps and the badger brush stops losing hair after few uses. The Joshua Robert collection kit includes Butterfly Safety Razor and Stand, Natural Hair Shaving Brush, Professional Barber Soap Shaving Soap and a Soap Dish with a lid.

6. Shaving kit with straight razor

If you are looking for a long-lasting shaving kit, the Gold Dollar straight razor by the Shave Network or Velvet Forge is a good choice for your dad. The Shave Network offers free lifetime sharpening for the blades in their kit and you only pay for the shipping. The kit also includes a synthetic brush with a satin tip, Straight Razor Box & GB Buckingham & Sons 3″ Wide Strop.

7. Shaving kit for head

Shaving kit for head

This Philips Norelco Beard & Head trimmer comes with an innovative technology that helps men get a more effective cut. The razor blades are self-sharpening and are double sharpened for a faster trimming experience. Because it cuts hair more effectively, it prevents skin irritation. The trimmer works with an advanced lithium battery that lasts for up to 70 minutes after a 1-hour charge. It is washable, thus good cleaning can be achieved. No man can resist a perfect shaving kit with self-sharpening razor blades. Your dad would love this gift!

8. Shaving kit for sensitive skin

Shaving kit for sensitive skin

Rather than getting a clean-shaven skin with fresh and smooth skin, some men experience a frustrating morning routine when they get red and irritated skin after shaving. Such men have given up on shaving because of the endless bumps and burns they often get even after trying different shaving kits. The Bevel Shave System Kit is specially designed for to help prevent razor bumps and other irritations. This kit features shaving products formulated specially for sensitive skin. It comes with a face oil, single blade razor, shaving cream, soothing aftershave and a brush.

9. Shaving kit for teenager

Shaving kit for teenager

The best shaving kit you can get for teenagers may be the electric shaver or trimmer because they are new to this part of ridding bodily hair. They also do not have all the time to grasp the idea of using the different parts of the regular shaving kit. However, men can also use this shaving kit for an efficient trimming and shaving. The simpler the process, the better for them. The Remington PG6025 is a good option that comes with 8 attachments for a full body grooming. The Braun Series 7 electric shaver is more basic and comes with an alcohol clean and charge station.


Men use shaving kits on a regular basis because it helps them to look good and exceptional. They cannot avoid shaving, even if they decide to keep their beards. They’ll still need some grooming along the line. Moreover, nobody wants to go around looking like a caveman. The shaving frequency depends on every man’s decision. He may decide to look clean shaven every morning or have a fuzzy chin on some days. Whatever choices they make, they still need the best shaving kit that will suit their needs.

Father’s Day is a special day to show appreciation to your dad. Regardless of all the ups and downs in your life, he has supported you with guns blazing. Thus, choosing any of these gifts will surely make him happy.

[amazon_link asins=’B01221V6QG,B00PPI77US,B0007L44SG,B00GUGIFF0,B06W9JBS9X,B00IT8K564′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’topmenshavers-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’83a4eb66-4eb5-11e7-bcb9-8dbc4d73fb20′]

 Best shaving kits

What The Amish Can Teach You About The Best Safety Razor For Beginners

Gentleman Jon Straight Razor Travel Kit

Amish Best Safety Razor For BeginnersLet’s face it, the Amish know how to shave! They are always sport perfectly formed beards around the chin and sideburn area and keep the rest of their beard area spotlessly smooth and hair-free. Bearing this in mind, they should be able to tell you a thing or two about maintaining the beard so we thought we’d take a lesson from these religious guys and find out which is the best safety razor for beginners.

Why The Amish Wear A Beard

Do you know why the Amish wear a beard? The tradition goes back to the early Amish when they wore really fancy mustaches. However, they were victimised by other military groups who also wore elaborate mustaches. The Amish wanted to distance their look from these military groups so growing a mustache was soon forbidden, but beards remained a requirement because they related to biblical men. The Amish man will only start to grow a beard once he marries and from then, he stops shaving that area of his face, only concentrating on his upper lip, keeping it hair-free in honour of the early days of the Amish.

For starters use a Safety Razor for Beginners!

Now, as the Amish men take their beard really seriously, they insist on using a good quality razor because they can’t afford razor burn, aggravation or irritation. Neither do they want razor bumps or cuts and nicks so they usually use safety razors. This protects their skin and the way they sculpt their beard is part of their identity so they have to look pristinely groomed.
Bearing all of that in mind, the Amish know how to look after their facial hair really well so we picked out a list of the best safety razor for beginners that are used by the Amish and tell you why you should be using them too.

Ultimate Shaving Kit Set by Maison Lambert (Retail $110)

Best Safety Razor For Beginners - Lambert shaving kit

This complete shaving kit set comprises of organic shaving soap, aftershave balm, a wood shaving bowl, 100% pure black badger shaving brush and a double-edge safety razor which is great for beginners. It’s entirely hand-made and brings you everything you need for the best type of shave.

The aftershave balm is made out of good quality ingredients, including Argan oil (great for softening beard hair and kind to skin), cocoa butter (a good hydrator) and Aloe Vera (known for its soothing properties).

Shaving using this kit is simple, no irritation or aggravated skin, no razor bumps and because the razor is a safety razor, it protects against cuts and nicks. It’s a good quality shaving kit although it’s not easy on the pocket but if you’ve got the cash, it’s worth the investment.

Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit (Retail $55)

Gentleman Jon Straight Shaver Set

Gentleman Jon is a name synonymous with quality shaving. For a mid-price safety shaving kit, we’d recommend this set which comes with a set of six different shaving items, a safety razor, badger hair brush, alum block, shave soap, Astra razor blade and stainless steel bowl. So you have everything you need to start shaving.

This set gives you a good quality product and will really last. The shave soap is gentle on the skin and foams up nicely to allow the safety razor to glide over the skin, the badger hair brush distributes the foam neatly and generously, it doesn’t scratch either and the razor blade is designed to protect the skin from abrasion so it passes the test for a place on our best safety razor for beginners list.

Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury, Shave Set (Retail $23.55)

Van Der Hagen Straight Shaver Set

This shave set is definitely aimed at the beginner and comprises of four different, useful items that give you everything you need to start on your shaving journey – safely! Set contains a 100% pure badger hair brush, monogrammed apothecary mug, hypo-allergenic shaving soap and a combo brush & razor stand.

It’s easy to use, just put the soap into the mug, wet the brush using warm water and apply the lather using the brush. Then rinse out the brush once finished and place on the stand to dry. We do like this kit for beginners but it won’t last for a very long time as the hairs on the brush tend to fall out after a while.

The soap has a very strong scent and the razor is kind enough to skin so we’d recommend this for the first few shaves to get to grips with using a razor.

Merkur Shaving Gift Set with Merkur Best Safety Razor for Beginners (Retail $68.95)

This is a decent set at a mid-price and comes with the accessories that you need; badger shaving brush with a smart chrome handle, a chrome shaving bowl with a Colonel Conk Shaving Soap and a long-handle safety razor which made the cut for our best safety razor for beginners pick. The brush is basically an average brush, but it spreads the soap relatively easily.

The bowl is small however if you’re patient with it, you get used to it. The soap contains glycerine which is kind to the skin. As we said, it’s a good all over beginner kit but once you know how to shave properly you may want to move on to another set.

Gentleman Jon’s Wet Shave Kit (Retail $75)

Gentleman Jon Straight Razor Travel Kit

Here’s a good kit for the money, it gives you all the tools you need for a safer shave and a close shave as well. The products are good quality (what you’d expect from Gentleman Jon) and the products really last.

The kit contains a safety razor, Badger hair brush, canvas and leather dopp kit, shaving stand, alum block, shaving bowl, soap and razor blades. The soap smells fantastic and the razor is a premium product, delivering a smooth, comfortable shave and protecting the skin.

The only downside may be the bowl which is on the small side but other than that, this is a decent starter set.

Mid Century Shaving Kit (Retail $39.97)

Mid Century Straight Razor Kit

This complete shaving kit comes with everything you need to enjoy wet-shaving and at a low price. The brush is good quality, it doesn’t shed and it doesn’t smell, the razor is heavy without weighing down your wrist and it’s safety so protects your skin from cuts and aggravation,

The stand holds all your gear perfectly well and is strong enough to stay put in one place! The brush is made out of badger hair and distributes the foam evenly and because the razor is a safety razor for beginners, it discourages ingrown hairs. All in all a good little beginner’s kit that gets our vote for the list of best safety razor for beginners list.

The Handsome Horseshoe Look: Just like Hulk Hogan


hulk hogan mustache

Since the 1980s, Hulk Hogan has been an icon and a celebrity both inside and outside the wrestling ring. He has appeared in movies like Rocky, as well as his own celebrity TV show. But no matter the changes in his career, one thing has stayed constant: that cool horseshoe mustache. Here, we will explore just why the horseshoe look has worked so well for Hogan. We will also tell you how you can grow one of these yourself.

The Look of a Wrestling Icon

Hulk Hogan has wrestled legends like The Sheik, as well as Andre the Giant. In addition to his bandana wrapped head in the last 20 or so years, lots of people know him for his cool mustache. Plenty of his fans would even venture so far as to say the blonde facial hair defines him, in a way. It gives him a look of being a bit rebellious, but still all-American. Like Yosemite Same. Sadly, Hogan recently announced that he may be shaving his mustache soon. But only because of a recent film offer. We simply cannot imagine him without his mustache.

What Makes this Mustache Great

Why might you want to grow a horseshoe mustache yourself? Perhaps you want your facial hair look to be all American. Or maybe you are thinking of just trying out something a bit new. The Horseshoe looks manly, rugged, and rebellious. Think of it as the style of choice for any American bikers out there. Best of all, it takes pretty minimal trimming effort if you are already working on growing out a mustache or a beard.

Try the Look Yourself

Want to grow out a horseshoe mustache yourself? When your full beard has grown out to about 1 CM, you are ready to go. Use a style trimmer to trim along the widest parts of your mustache on the upper lip. Leave the hair up to a bit longer. Trim from a straight line, down, along the edges of your mouth. Use a precision trimmer to get rid of the wild hairs between the two columns of hair on your chin. Shave your chin, cheeks, and neck completely clean. Brush, then do any further touching up you need. Make sure the final product is symmetrical. Use a bit of wax and a brush to straighten up your mustache’s look.

A Mustache to Inspire: The Look of Salvador Dali


Salvador Dali Mustache

Salvador Dali might be most famous for painting melting clocks. However, this Spanish artist will also be remembered for years because of his mustache.

Although his look evolved over the years, he always sported one. The very thin (and overly waxed) upwardly curled or twirled straight out looks seems to be one that is very well known. But why did Dali choose this style? And can anyone else pull it off? Here, we will answer all of these questions and more.

One Everyone Knows

Recently, a British poll asked men to identify mustaches of famous people. Over 14,000 men were polled. Of all the mustaches shown to participants, Dali’s was the most often correctly recognized.

Even during his lifetime, this was still the same. People just knew Dali for his mustache. It was nearly as surreal and interesting as his paintings were. Even if someone knows nothing about Dali’s important artwork, they almost always know what his mustache looked like!

Believe it or not, you can achieve the very same recognizable look with just a bit of work.

Why Did He Wear this Style?

Even while he was still living, Dali’s mustache was a point for ridicule. When Dali once appeared on a game show, someone asked him is his mustache was a joke.

Previously, Dali had mentioned that his mustache’s style was influenced by another Spanish painter, Diego Velázquez. Diego styled his whiskers straight up on the sides, too. But on this particular game show, Dali told the participant that his mustache was very serious.

Maybe even the most serious thing about him. He also insisted that it was called the Hungarian Mustache. Dali even said that he used the same wax on his mustache as Marcel Proust.

Making It Work for You

Can anybody get this look? Sure! Grow your mustache out very long over the course of a few weeks. Shave your entire face except for a very slim mustache.

It should look like a sliver of hair on both sides of your face. Brush it out. You may want to trim the hairs under your nose, as well (Dali sometimes did this). Apply lots and lots of wax.

This will make your mustache hold its shape. Wrap each small piece around a pencil to curl it inwards. Or maybe just style it so it is sticking straight out.