Not All Guys Like Mustaches: Matt Damon’s Take

Matt Damon Mustache

You probably know Matt Damon from movies like Good Will Hunting or The Hurt Locker. Think about both of those characters: what do they have in common? Well, for one, they are both clean shaven.

Now think about Damon’s other movie appearances. In how many have you spotted him sporting a mustache? Chances are, the answer is none. But, apparently, that might all change very soon. Whether Damon likes it or not! (Hint: he is not very happy about it.)

Matt’s Recent Look

Damon recently appeared at an event with a mustache. Most of the members of the press were pretty shocked. And rightfully so. Just like you in the thought exercise above, they could not recall a time when they had seen Damon with a mustache. He set the record straight pretty quickly.

Damon just does not like mustaches! While this is not true of all men, it is true for some men. Taking care of a mustache can be somewhat demanding.

All that growing out of hair, brushing, trimming, and shaving can take a lot of time. Damon simply confirmed that this new look was for a movie.

His Real Passion

The movie? Damon was apparently growing out the mustache for his upcoming role in the Coen Brothers’ remake of True Grit at one point.

At another point, he was spotted sporting a pretty meager mustache (think pencil mustache) for yet another film. Despite both of these looks, Damon insists that he is only doing all this for his job. His biggest dream in life has always been to be an actor.

He even wrote an essay about it during his Harvard days. So do not expect to see his mustache hang around. The guy just loves to act!

Finding the True Grit

We often find that some guys who do not like mustaches just do not like the work that it takes. Sure, some may have an issue growing one in the first place.

But others simply may not know how to trim their correctly. Trimming is easy. Just brush your mustache while it is dry. Trim for shape with an electric trimmer or scissors.

Start on the bottom of your mustache, then move to the top and sides. Comb it again. Now, trim the hair to what length you want them to be. Do one last comb through and cut any stray hairs.


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Sam - May 28, 2015

This article is very interesting.. Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors 🙂


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