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Top 3 Wahl Balding Clippers Reviewed

I use Wahl balding clippers a lot – in my barber’s salon and also for personal use.  I’ve been using these types of products for many years so over that time I’ve tried lots of different styles and brands.  Based on my experience I think I am qualified enough to give a good overall opinion […]

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Top 3 Barber Clippers you Should Consider

If you’re looking to update your barber clippers or you are a first timer you might be interested in my reviews which are based on customer reviews on and my own experience. I’ve been barbering for many years so I’ve used plenty of different types, styles and makes of clippers.  Obviously I want my […]

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Andis T Outliner Review

While seeking out a trimmer for beards and mustaches I came across the Andis T Outliner with T Blade in smart gray.  I particularly love that Andis is an all-American brand and has over 90 years of experience in the industry. It’s not just for humans either – they specialise in equine and livestock trimmers […]

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Oster Clippers Review

Oster is an interesting brand – while they specialise in clippers they cover animals as well as humans! Having first hopped onto the website I was surprised to find clippers for horses and veterinarians but find the tab to jump onto beauty and you’ll see all the Oster clippers. Many of Oster’s products come with […]

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