The Handsome Horseshoe Look: Just like Hulk Hogan

hulk hogan mustache

Since the 1980s, Hulk Hogan has been an icon and a celebrity both inside and outside the wrestling ring. He has appeared in movies like Rocky, as well as his own celebrity TV show. But no matter the changes in his career, one thing has stayed constant: that cool horseshoe mustache. Here, we will explore just why the horseshoe look has worked so well for Hogan. We will also tell you how you can grow one of these yourself.

The Look of a Wrestling Icon

Hulk Hogan has wrestled legends like The Sheik, as well as Andre the Giant. In addition to his bandana wrapped head in the last 20 or so years, lots of people know him for his cool mustache. Plenty of his fans would even venture so far as to say the blonde facial hair defines him, in a way. It gives him a look of being a bit rebellious, but still all-American. Like Yosemite Same. Sadly, Hogan recently announced that he may be shaving his mustache soon. But only because of a recent film offer. We simply cannot imagine him without his mustache.

What Makes this Mustache Great

Why might you want to grow a horseshoe mustache yourself? Perhaps you want your facial hair look to be all American. Or maybe you are thinking of just trying out something a bit new. The Horseshoe looks manly, rugged, and rebellious. Think of it as the style of choice for any American bikers out there. Best of all, it takes pretty minimal trimming effort if you are already working on growing out a mustache or a beard.

Try the Look Yourself

Want to grow out a horseshoe mustache yourself? When your full beard has grown out to about 1 CM, you are ready to go. Use a style trimmer to trim along the widest parts of your mustache on the upper lip. Leave the hair up to a bit longer. Trim from a straight line, down, along the edges of your mouth. Use a precision trimmer to get rid of the wild hairs between the two columns of hair on your chin. Shave your chin, cheeks, and neck completely clean. Brush, then do any further touching up you need. Make sure the final product is symmetrical. Use a bit of wax and a brush to straighten up your mustache’s look.


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Jeffrey - June 10, 2015

hulk hogan was my wrestling idol, i love his mustache!


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