The Most Handsome of Tramps: Charlie Chaplin’s Mustache

charlie chaplin mustache

Charlie Chaplin is not quite as well-known as he once was. But during the heyday of silent Hollywood, he was a superstar. So were many of his characters, including the Little Tramp.

So much so that many people recognize the Little Tramp (and his great toothbrush mustache) before recognizing Chaplin. In this article, you can get to better know the man who was Charlie Chaplin.

Then, learn more about his famous toothbrush mustache style. Lastly, learn how that you can achieve the toothbrush mustache style yourself.

Charlie Chaplin Style

Charlie Chaplin was a British movie star who starred in a huge number of films during the 1910s-1940s. Like many of his contemporaries of the time, he was praised for fantastic physical comedy. Before getting into films, he worked the vaudeville stage.

No doubt this is where he honed his comedic prowess. Even very early in his film career, Chaplin experimented with mustached looks for some of his characters.

It was not until he developed his character known as The Little Tramp, however, that he hit it big. And this tramp, in many ways, would go on to influence mustache history.

The Toothbrush Mustache

The Little Tramp sported what was known as a toothbrush mustache. This mustache consists of just a small tuft of longer hairs directly under the nose and trimmed just above the bottom lip.

Some modern day people might refer to this mustache as the Hitler mustache. While it was true that Hitler did sport this type of mustache, many people did during this time period. Largely because of Chaplin.

It has even been speculated that Hitler styled his own mustache after Chaplin. From the 1900s to the 1940s, this style of mustache was hugely popular. For some, it is still the only style to wear.

Creating the Look

After growing out your mustache for a bit, simple brush down the hairs above your lip. Shave everything but the hair directly under your nose. Your toothbrush mustache should be centered and end where your nostrils end. Carefully trim the sides to get them even. You will also want to trim the hair nearest the top of your lip to make sure that it is neither too long nor too short. Be very careful, here. This style should be trimmed about once per week to keep it in good shape. Shave as you normally would.


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