A Monumental Mustache: Clooney in Monuments Men

george clooney moustache

Recently, George Clooney stepped out with quite the mustache. While filming Monuments Men, a new movie directed by Clooney (he is also starring in it), he was spotted sporting a very thin gray pencil mustache. While almost everyone will agree that Clooney is certainly a silver fox, not everyone like the look. Here, we will tell you what we think of it. We will also give you a guide on how you can get the same look yourself.

What Do Fans Think of the ‘Stache?

Many people who saw the pictures of Clooney during the recent film shoot said what many would expect to hear about a pencil mustache. That it looked scruffy. That the whole effect of the mustache made him appear unkempt. Or even that it simply was not a look that was flattering for Clooney. However, after seeing the pictures for ourselves, we disagree. Clooney looks just as great in a pencil mustache style as he does in any other mustache. Most speculate that no matter what they think about it, this look is most likely just for this role.

What We Think About It

Since Monuments Men is a film set in the 1940s (WWII), a pencil mustache that is well groomed makes sense. During the 1940s, the pencil mustache was a way men could wear facial hair without seeming too slovenly. It was almost like being clean shaven without being entirely so. Pencil mustaches, during that time, were worn by movie stars, musicians, heartthrobs, and politicians. So we would say that we feel this mustache is entirely on the money. Not only that, but we sort of wish this look would make a comeback. The pencil look is sleek, somewhat modern, and can be very handsome.

Grow Your Own!

Trim your entire face. Next, trim your mustache to 1-2 mm. The edges of your new mustache should be about .25 inches wide. Use a trimmer and make a line that goes from your nose to the corners of your mouth on one side. Repeat for the other side. Lower your trimmer setting and do it once more on each side. If you mess up here, do not worry. You can fill in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil. Then, shave the rest of your face very closely. Give your mustache a brush. Understand that you will have to trim your pencil mustache daily.


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