A Mustache to Inspire: The Look of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali Mustache

Salvador Dali might be most famous for painting melting clocks. However, this Spanish artist will also be remembered for years because of his mustache.

Although his look evolved over the years, he always sported one. The very thin (and overly waxed) upwardly curled or twirled straight out looks seems to be one that is very well known. But why did Dali choose this style? And can anyone else pull it off? Here, we will answer all of these questions and more.

One Everyone Knows

Recently, a British poll asked men to identify mustaches of famous people. Over 14,000 men were polled. Of all the mustaches shown to participants, Dali’s was the most often correctly recognized.

Even during his lifetime, this was still the same. People just knew Dali for his mustache. It was nearly as surreal and interesting as his paintings were. Even if someone knows nothing about Dali’s important artwork, they almost always know what his mustache looked like!

Believe it or not, you can achieve the very same recognizable look with just a bit of work.

Why Did He Wear this Style?

Even while he was still living, Dali’s mustache was a point for ridicule. When Dali once appeared on a game show, someone asked him is his mustache was a joke.

Previously, Dali had mentioned that his mustache’s style was influenced by another Spanish painter, Diego Velázquez. Diego styled his whiskers straight up on the sides, too. But on this particular game show, Dali told the participant that his mustache was very serious.

Maybe even the most serious thing about him. He also insisted that it was called the Hungarian Mustache. Dali even said that he used the same wax on his mustache as Marcel Proust.

Making It Work for You

Can anybody get this look? Sure! Grow your mustache out very long over the course of a few weeks. Shave your entire face except for a very slim mustache.

It should look like a sliver of hair on both sides of your face. Brush it out. You may want to trim the hairs under your nose, as well (Dali sometimes did this). Apply lots and lots of wax.

This will make your mustache hold its shape. Wrap each small piece around a pencil to curl it inwards. Or maybe just style it so it is sticking straight out.


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