Norelco RQ12 Shaver Head – Best Deals and Review

Very important Update at the bottom of the page about the quality of some Norelco RQ12 replacement heads on the market!

Norelco RQ12 Unmount

Norelco shavers are known for their high quality and efficiency. However, over time, with regular use, the blades tend to get dull and you will need to change them to maintain the same level of performance and comfort.

This is why the packaging on the Phillips Norelco razors suggests changing the shaver heads every twelve months. If you own a Norelco razor and want to replace the shaver head, read on to find out how to replace the old shaver heads with new ones. 

Before you begin replacing the shaver head, make sure you have bought the right parts. The available versions are Norelco RQ12, Norelco RQ10, Norelco RQ111. Compare the model number to find out if the shaver head you have bought is a replacement for your current shaver. Start by opening the shaver, which can be done by gently pressing a button that can be found at the bottom of the shaver head. Keeping the button pressed, simply pull at the head and it will come out and away from the shaver.  

Now, pay attention to the cutters and start twisting the piece that locks it, in a counterclockwise direction. It will also come clean off from the shaver head. Remove and throw away the cutter and place the new cutters into the head. The cutters will sit in place when they have positioned correctly, pay attention to the bumps and tabs on the cutter to place it correctly. Once it is aligned right and each cutter has been placed in its spot, you can replace the cutter locks. To secure them in place, turn the locks in a clockwise direction. Now place the shaver head over the shaver and snap it back on.

Norelco RQ12 Shaver Head Tips

  Norelco RQ12 Wash The Norelco shaver head replacements are designed to easily replace the shaver blades that are pre-installed onto the shaver when you buy it. The replacement blades promises to provide a closer shave compared to its predecessor. It is compatible with the Norelco Series 8000 as well as the arcitec shavers.

Norelco RQ12 Conclusion – Update

Philips launched a new version of the Norelco RQ12 replacement head caled Norelco RQ12+. Sadly the new product is muuch worse than its older version as it dosent have the same rotary design and the blades are not so qualitative. So our advice is to stay away from the new version called Norelco RQ12+ and buy yourself the old product called the same but without the “+” and with all the advantages of a great product.


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tom - February 28, 2015

i bought a Norelco RQ12 Shaver Head and it fits great. My shaver is like new now 🙂

Oscar - April 8, 2015

Thanks for your update on the RQ12 replacement. Unfortunately, everywhere the price for the discontinued RQ12 has rise up as a rocket. Even more expensive than my 1250 norelco shaver. And for everywhere I mean everywhere including Amazon with crazy over $200. This is so sad. My shaver is really amazing and I’ll have to give a chance to the RQ12+ 🙁

Contributor 1 - May 23, 2015

It’s back! They came to their senses and they sell it for $99 now! You can use the link above.

Jamie - June 16, 2015

how often should i change the shaver head?

Andrew - August 9, 2015

it’s recommended to change it after 18 months.

Don - August 14, 2015

What link above? I can’t seem to find where to buy the good RQ12…?

Richard Widman - November 2, 2015

The RQ12+ is the worst of the Phillips/Norelco heads I have used in the last 30+ years. This should be brought to the attention of management and engineering. Someone really missed the boat. I will not buy another one.

In the 214 days since I bought my RQ12+ head, I have used it 136 times. The other days I have been traveling with the RQ10 head that was more than a year old when I bought the RQ12. The following comments are therefore based on using the old (worn) RQ10 36% of the time, altering with the RQ12+.

1. The results are very clear. The RQ12+ gives you a 5 o’clock shadow by noon. Yes, there is a clear, 5 hour difference in closeness. A few times I’ve had to shave again in the evening.

2. There is an extra millimeter o so between the cutting area and the outer edge. This makes it much more difficult to shave close to the nose and ears.

3. There appears to be too much flexing in the floating units, as it requires much more facial expressions and stretches to actually cut. Without a good convex mirror, varias hairs are left long.

4. For whatever the reason, the RQ12+ requires going back and forth many more times from different angles and directions, taking between 150 to 190 seconds per shave, vs the 65 to 85 seconds for the RQ10. For what it is worth,that is 6 hours a year. But it also means an extra minute in the morning routine for getting ready for work. And, as noted above, the shave is still not satisfactory and by noon will be very noticeable.

5. That extra time means less time between charges. With the RQ10 head I can (and have) easily extend a trip from 2 weeks to 3 without having brought the charger. I don’t like to take the charger as it is one more thing to remember when packing to return home. And anyone who doesn’t have the RQ10 charging case would have to take the fragile stand.

Was this change made for cost reasons? I have to doubt that, as you sell it for a lot more than the RQ10.

I will give credit for the easier snap off blade assembly for cleaning that you have on the RQ12+.

But at this point I have to think about the day my heads wear out. I will NOT buy another RQ12 head. If you haven’t fixed the problems I will probably start trying the Chinese knockoffs of the RQ10. They are poorly rated on most reviews, but can’t be worse than the RQ12+. Maybe someone will get it right.


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