Oster Clippers Review

Oster ClippersOster is an interesting brand – while they specialise in clippers they cover animals as well as humans! Having first hopped onto the website I was surprised to find clippers for horses and veterinarians but find the tab to jump onto beauty and you’ll see all the Oster clippers.

Many of Oster’s products come with rechargeable batteries and some have all in one technology so they give an outstanding finish.  What I love about Oster is that it is a trusted brand and has been in existence for generations.  Oster sell massage items, hair clippers, blades, blade accessories, sheers and trimmers – it’s a one stop shop for all you need for hair (human and otherwise!)

They have superb customer support and on their website you’ll find a variety of advice and even video information so you can understand exactly what it is you need to do to achieve your perfect haircut.

Oster Clippers Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor

Oster Fast Feed

So I went out and bought myself a few Oster Clipper products, the first being the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper.  Before I tried them, I had a look on Amazon to see what others thought about them and was excited to see over 1,117 customer reviews.

These clippers have almost got a perfect score (65% giving 5 stars)!  They are a powerful clipper and have an adjustable blade too.  They come with four guide combs, cleaning brush and lubricating oil.  What I love most is they are suitable for all hair and work on wet or dry.

All I can tell you is the Oster Clippers are superb; they are very high quality and not too noisy plus you can cut very close if you want to.  The slide switch is a little annoying as you can switch it on or off when you don’t want to (this probably could be rectified by a little design tweak) but overall they are excellent and at a superb price.

My hair is exceptionally thick and they cut it well plus I have used them on a number of my customers now and have to say everyone is thrilled with the speed and the result (of course I am a master barber but still I have to thank my tools too!)

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Oster Clippers Classic 76 Universal Motor

Oster Clippers 76

While on my clipper spending spree, I bought the Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010 which has a single speed universal motor – meant for plenty of use!  This is fine for wet or dry hair although I generally prefer wet cutting anyway and this Oster clipper is easy to hold as it has a specially designed grip.

For the money you get a blade guard, lubricating oil and cleansing brush, clipper grease and a long power cord (useful!)  If you look at Amazon (like I did) you will find 79% of customers giving these Oster Clippers a 5 star review (out of 805 reviews that’s a terrific score).  Most consumers are as delighted as I am and are pretty impressed with their capabilities and they seem to last for a very long time.

Even the stalwarts in the industry – those (like me) with years of experience seem to favour these over others.  Especially popular are the clipper blades which are interchangeable so you can choose your blade type.  If you have small hands you might find it quite chunky to hold but other than that the Oster Classic is a top class clipper.

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Oster Clippers Classic 76 Detachable Blade

Oster Clippers 76 Detachable

My last point of call was with the Oster Classic 76 Detachable Blade Clipper 76076-076 which is a special limited edition.  It’s an easy to maintain clipper with a break resistant case so if you’re using it in a busy salon (like me) it will withstand being thrown around (not that I recommend that anyway!)

However, it has detachable blades and huge amounts of accessories such as blade guard, cleaning brush, lubricating oil and clipper grease. It is an expensive piece for Oster clippers but it’s well worth it because the gear and blades are easy to replace so it will last a long time.

The silver casing is smart although probably not necessary for salon use but you are getting a high quality product which is quiet too (a must in noisy salons).  These Oster clippers give a smooth, smart haircut and I’m happy – although exercise your writs, it’s a heavy piece!

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