Philips Norelco G370 Grooming System: Is It Any Good?

This review for Philips Norelco G370 has an important Update at the bottom of the page!

Philips is a known name amongst electric shavers. It is a name people trust and swear by. This is why when Philips releases a new grooming system, people will take the risk and try it out, expecting Philips to keep up with the promise of superior performance that has been built by its past products.

Philips Norelco G370 – Key Features

Philips Consumer G370 Trimmer                Philips Norelco G370 Clipper                 Philips Norelco G370 Nose T

According to the company, the Philips Norelco G370 grooming system has everything you need in order to create and define your own unique style in this all in one self grooming kit. It comes equipped with a trimmer as well as a mini foil shaver along with a comb for the hair clipper. It also includes a head for trimming your moustache and beard and a nose and ear trimmer and a precision trimmer.

The technology in the Philips Norelco SteelWave allows for a revolutionary shave each time that is not only precise but also leaves your skin smooth afterwards. It has 9 length settings which allow you to choose a personalized grooming result. It also comes with a storage pouch, allowing you to keep all its attachments safely in one place.

They also promise the shaver is created to make it comfortable to hold for long, making the shaving experience as easy for you as possible. Lastly, it is easy to clean and maintain as well.

Customer reports about the Philips Norelco G370


These are all the promises made by the Philips Norelco groomer, however the real question is whether it delivers on all these promises or not. According to users reports and our experience, the performance delivered by the Philips Norelco G370 is good even though there are some complaints about the self sharpening feature not being so reliable. The battery life is satisfactory as you can use it about 7 to 10 times with a single charge depending on your grooming habits.

The charger which comes with the Philips Norelco G370 is not powerful enough to allow one to shave while charging. The shaver also has no battery indicator to have an ideea about the remaining power on the device. People have been using this shaver for years without a single problem and sing praises about the battery life and charging power.

The final verdict is good and if you are planning on purchasing this grooming system, we would suggest you get it from a reliable source as there is a possibility there are copies of the original shaver floating around the market.

Review Update

Philips launched a new version of this grooming set called Philips Norelco QG3330 Multigroom and with this new version of this product. So we strongly recomand to take in consideration this one too.

Check out the new Norelco Multigroom here!

Philips Norelco G3330


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Brian - March 13, 2015

I would like to try this new Philips Norelco QG3330 Multigroom. I hope it is worth it .

Steve - June 24, 2015

This is perfect.. i can use this for my face, my moustache and also for my ears and nose. I’m definitely goin to buy this!b

subroto - August 26, 2016

Hi Guys,

Can anybody suggest me from where I can buy Norelco G370 Parts online. I am in India, Kolkata



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