MENS SHAVERS – Phillips or Braun?

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Anonymous Staff asked 5 years ago

i intend to buy an electric shaver and i can’t decide which one should i choose: Braun or Phillips. Can you give me some advice with that, please?

3 Answers
Anonymous Staff answered 5 years ago

i would personally recommend a phillips shaver. I booght a Philips Norelco 1250X SensoTouch 3D about three months ago and i am very happy with it.. it charges very fast, it feels perfectly in the hand and most important it provides you a very clean cut

Anonymous Staff answered 5 years ago

it depends what type of hair you have.. if you have thick hair, then you should definitely go for the philips (it provides a very clean cut), but if you have a thin hair, sensitive skin etc.,  than you should choose a Braun shaver

Anonymous Staff answered 5 years ago

i have a philips norelco qt4070/41 and i’m not as satisfied as i was with my old braun trimmer … the comb design at the philips is very poor and because of that i stabbed my lip several times and i’ve got also uneven trimming..