How to Shave With an Electric Razor


Shaving with an electric razor takes some getting used to. But anyone can do it. Purchase a high quality razor. When you first start shaving, you should apply an alcohol based product.

Your stubble should be completely dry. Start by shaving the most sensitive areas (such as your neck) first. Your electric razor will get warmer as you use it.

Do not go over spots twice, and do not push too hard. This can cause irritation. But you should use your one hand to pull the skin taut as you shave over an area with the other hand. Give your skin a few weeks to adjust to your new shaving technique.

What Most Men Forget

  1. Know that foil razors and rotary razors work a bit differently. Foil razors are best if used in an up and down motion.
  2. Rotary razors are better when used in circular motions.
  3. No matter you type of electric razor, be sure to keep it clean at all times.
  4. Use the cleaning tools, like brushes, (or cleaning system) that came with it. You will get a better shave. Plus, your razor will actually last much longer.
  5. Every 1-2 years, replace the foil on your foil razor.

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