How to Shave Your Head


The shaved look can be sexy. Want to shave your head? Here is how.

The first step is to buy the right supplies. For this you will need a good set of electric clippers, shaving cream, a regular razor, and aftershave.

Get your place ready. We recommend that you have yourself a chair in front of a mirror with newspaper under it. Use the electric trimmer to cut your hair to about a quarter of an inch.

Get your head wet with hot water for a few minutes. Apply the shaving cream. You are ready to start.

The Rest of the Story…

Start at the front of your head with your clippers or razor. Press hard enough, but not too hard.

Move in firm, even strokes to get a great look.

Then, move to the sides of your head. Do the same there.

Now, think about setting up a mirror behind you and go to work at the back of the head. Be patient. Getting the perfect shave can take practice.

Rinse your head once you are finished.

Go back over any missed spots.

When you are totally satisfied, towel off you heard and apply aftershave.


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