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shaving mug

Shaving mugs are a useful item to own because they are specially built so that lather stays nice and warm during shaving and gives a pleasurable experience.  There are plenty of different shapes and sizes.  Some mugs are known as “scuttle” mugs because they have a separate area which holds hot water.

In the old days, mugs and scuttle mugs were vividly decorated.  A classic style mug is designed to hold shaving soap alone (rather than having a separate area for hot water) and there are plenty to choose from.  If you provide this type of service at your barber’s or you are looking to introduce this to your services then here are my favorites of the moment.

Shaving Factory Shaving Mug 12 Ounce

Factory Shaving Mug

This is a sturdy and simple mug which holds 12 ounces (a fair amount).  It retails for about $11 on Amazon and is made out of strong, sturdy stoneware.  It has a useful, fluid, ergonomically designed handle at the side so it can be gripped easily during use.

The stoneware keeps the water nice and warm for a while as it’s great for heat retention.  If you do purchase this mug you will get a product that is long lasting and comfortable to hold, despite its weight.  It is very well made although some reviewers comment that the handle could be a little longer.

If you prefer lots of room for soap and cream then perhaps this isn’t ideal for you but as a starter product it works very well.

Colonel Conk Model 129 Super Shave Mug With Soap

Colonel Conk Shaving Mug

Now this shaving mug is deep enough and wide enough to take plenty of soap and fit the shaving brush well. It’s also a handsome looking traditional style mug and comes with an unscented glycerine soap which contains avocado oil and vitamin E – both very soothing on the skin during shaving).

It’s a solid shaving mug will take any type of shaving soap.  The handle is well-made and has good proportions so you can keep a firm grip while using it.  Why not take a trip back to the olden days with this shaving mug?  It looks the part and it does what it’s supposed to.  The reviews are spot on!

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl With Handle In Black

Edwin Jagger Shaving Mug

This sleek, smart looking mug comes with a side handle and is shiny black in colouring.  Designed for those who enjoy a wet shave it is a classic porcelain material with the Edwin Jagger logo.  The top is a wide 4” in diameter and tapers down to 2.75” inside.

While it is more expensive than other mug styles available on the market you truly get superior quality.  It enables users to whip up their soap into a lather very quickly and there are ridges inside which help with making the lather and prevent residual water gathering at the bottom.

The handle is easy to hold and it is designed to last for a very long time (which is what you want when spending this amount on something simple to help you when shaving).  Overall it’s handsome and with a good weight this is a stylish but functional product which is reported as increasing the pleasure of a wet shave experience!


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