Shaving Soap Vs Shaving Cream

The Difference Between Shaving Soap and Shaving Cream

If you’ve just started shaving or you want to change your routine you’ll probably be overwhelmed with so many different shaving cream and soap products on the market today all promising to do the same thing. For any guy, it’s difficult to choose the right thing to meet your needs. After all, all men are different; we all have different skin types, hair type and facial hair growth so what’s right for your best buddy probably won’t work for you, even though he swears by it. Use the wrong product and your face will suffer the consequences, it’s important to get it spot on.

The first thing to do is to get to grips with how shaving soap works vs shaving cream. Yes, there are differences. Then you can work out if either is right for what you want. So, so you’re rushing out to buy something, stop – take a moment and think about the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

What Do Shaving Cream & Shaving Soap Do?

We won’t insult your intelligence – you know they help you shave, but they do more than that. OK, we’re sure you want facial hair that isn’t too rough or prickly (no one wants to kiss a porcupine!) but mainly, you want something that doesn’t aggravate your skin when you use your razor. If you’ve ever made the huge mistake of shaving without using any shaving product at all you’ll know what we mean (and we’ve all been caught short from time to time). The result is shaving rash, bleeding and a breeding ground for bacteria – no one wants a face of scabs and zits! So, you NEED product and you need something mighty fine. Shaving cream and shaving soap both lather up and this gives your face a nice, soft barrier for a shaver to work its magic on, it provides lubrication too.

The main points:

  • Shaving Cream & Soap provide a barrier between your skin and a razor blade
  • They stop you from shaving rash and help to prevent cuts
  • They soften facial hair

How Shaving Cream Works

Shaving cream is a real traditional method used for facial hair and comes in tubs or tubes. As a word of caution, when you choose one, beware of those that are packed with chemicals. You want something with natural oils, Shea butter and Aloe Vera. OK, we know women use these types of natural ingredients in their skincare but there’s a reason – they are gentle on skin. Don’t worry, male shaving creams smell entirely different to women’s toiletries and the natural oils used are intensely male scented. Shea butter softens skin and moisturises it and Aloe Vera protects and soothes skin from the shaving action (especially if you cut yourself). One of the biggest plus points with shaving cream is that it’s quicker in lathering up than shaving soaps.


Shaving soap vs shaving cream vs shaving gel

Now you may have heard of Shaving Gel – this is so similar to shaving cream but we felt we should touch on it. It just looks like a gel rather than a cream but it lathers up the same way, delivers the same type of result, it’s just transparent rather than creamy in consistency. However, you might find that because gel is slightly thicker, it can clog up your razor blade more than cream.

The main points:

  • Shaving cream protects, moisturises and hydrates skin
  • Shaving cream softens facial hair
  • Shaving cream lathers up really fast!
  • Shaving cream can be quite drying to skin so if you have a dry skin already, best to avoid it altogether

How Shaving Soap Works

There are hundreds of different shaving soaps available to use and they all promise their own miracles! For example, hard soaps, triple milled, cream soaps, semi-hard soaps…get the picture? It’s hard to know what you want! Triple milled soaps are expensive and that’s because they produce a great lather and feel really indulgent than other soaps. They’re also thicker so will last longer, so while they seem expensive, actually they will last…and last! This doesn’t mean they are necessarily better than the others; most are really similar and there aren’t huge differences, it’s really down to what works for you. Cream soaps tend to run down faster than the other versions. If you have sensitive skin it’s better to choose something fragrance-free in which case shaving soap will probably be better for you than shaving cream.


Is shaving cream or shaving soap better for sensitive skin?

  • Shaving soaps take longer to lather up and need a lathering “technique” that comes with experience
  • Shaving soaps generally don’t smell quite as good as shaving cream….however, as most are fragrance free, this means they’re better for you sensitive guys out there (we’re talking sensitive SKIN!)

How Do Creams Versus Soaps Differ In Price?

It’s difficult to give you solid information on both because shaving creams vary from just $4.00 right up to $15 and just because you’re paying more doesn’t mean you’re getting a better product. Again, shaving soap starts around the $6 mark and goes right up to around $20 for a designer product.

If you’re just starting out, a word of advice, begin with a well-known product name that has good customer reviews, like Gillette (a double pack is around the $11 mark). See if it works for you and if not, start experimenting with other brands. If cream disagrees with your skin type, use a good quality shaving cream, something like Vikings Blade Luxury Shaving Cream (a price hike at around $20) and if that doesn’t work for you – move onto soap. A good starter soap product is the Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set which comes complete with brush, stand and razor mug, well worth the additional outlay.


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