Should You Shave Before Or After Shower


When is the best time for a dude to wet shave, before or after showering? You’ll find that everyone has their own routine but is there a difference to the end result? The answer to that is not hugely but there is a difference to time, pleasure and how easy it is to shave.

Most men adopt the same routine as their older brother or their father because, usually, they’re the folks who help you to learn how to acquire the right shaving skill. However, always remember, if you use a regular razor, that blade is very sharp so you need to prep your skin to cope with it. We bet you’ve asked yourself whether you should shave before your shower or after your shower. Here’s our best advice, because both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wet-Shaving Before Showering

You may or may not know that when shaving it’s best to “soften” the hair and open up the pores. Hair that isn’t soft and smooth could be tough and bristly which makes it much harder to shave. So now you know that your hair needs to be soft, bet you’re thinking you need to shower first…not necessarily! You can still soften up your facial hair with good old warm water.

Wet shaving towel

So here’s what to do if you want to wet shave pre-shower…

  • Run warm water into your bathroom sink (with or without a gentle facial soap)
  • Use a washcloth and soak it in the water
  • Apply the washcloth to your face very gently which will help to soften the hair

Wet Shaving, No Showering!

You can also do this without having a shower at all – so if you want to shave quickly and have no time to shower, just follow the steps above….but please, shower at least once a day! Your face might feel soft but if your body stinks, forget any action with a woman!

The pros of shaving before or without showering

  • It’s fast
  • It’s refreshing using a warm washcloth on your face
  • It’s convenient
  • When you jump in the shower post-shaving you can get rid of any stray bits of hair that land on parts of your body

When shaving with an electric shaver

Electric shaver

Also, there are men that prefer to use an electric razor, in which case you don’t need any water at all – just go ahead and shave but remember to apply some sort of moisturiser with something soothing like Aloe Vera in it afterwards. This helps to calm down any inflammation. Don’t be tempted to soak your facial hair in warm water first because electric razors are not designed for this so you just don’t need to do it. If you’re an electric razor guy, always shave first and then shower.

Shaving Post-Shower

Have you been advised to shave after showering by your dad or older brother? Well, this is a traditional routine and there are lots of reasons why your dad, brother, grandfather and grandfathers before did this. It’s the easiest way of soaking your facial hair in warm water, the steam that comes from showering helps to open up the pores on your face which in turn, allows your hair follicles to play ball with your shaver. You get a much closer shave.

Standing in a nice, warm shower softens up the skin on your face and gives you an easier, more comfortable shaving experience. It also makes it really quick because your shaver should glide easily over your skin….the only time problem is waiting a few minutes for your mirror to de-mist! Don’t leave it too long though because your pores will close up really fast!

Pros of showering post-shower

  • Pores open naturally
  • You get a real close shave
  • Your shaver glides easily over your skin
  • It’s better if you have zit-prone skin because the heat opens up the pores, allowing them to breathe

So what’s better? Well, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for a shower, follow the steps using just warm water and a washcloth but if you do have the time or you’re going to shower and shave anyway – have that shower first. It just makes sense!


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