Searching for The Best Straight Razor

If you’re reading this the chances are you want some help finding the best straight razor on the market place.  It could be that you finally want to make the switch from other types of razors and it might be you’re slightly nervous in doing so.

It may even be that you’re sick of your facial hair or mustache and want something clean cut and smooth! Well, I’ve done some of my own research for you so hopefully this article will give you plenty of guidance on what to look for, what performs and which are the best straight razors you should be using either for personal use at home or in a barber salon.

The one thing you will notice when switching to a straight razor is the financial gain!  If you use disposable razors and you’re using them very regularly (as you should be if you want a smooth hair-free shave) you are shelling out near on $350 a year on new blades for some brands.

So using a straight razor will be a financial outlay that will save you $ in the long run.  Other reasons to use a straight razor are that they aren’t electrical so there’s no need to be buying batteries every few weeks and there’s no cumbersome cord getting in the way!  The best straight razors are also notorious for lasting years – and I mean YEARS!

What should you look for when seeking out the best straight razor?  Look for a reputable company, someone like DOVO who’ve been at making razors for nearly 100 years.    Don’t buy at entry level, buy a mid-price razor, perhaps find a set with all the accessories including shaving brush and a strop (this maintains the sharpness) and when you use it – don’t hesitate because that’s when you cut yourself!

Remember it takes time to get it right.  You need a steady hand (so as not to cut yourself) and patience.  The perks are no irritation, no razor burn and no redness.  You’ll be amazed at how excited you’ll be once you’ve mastered the technique!

Here are some of the best straight razors I’ve tried and my comments as well.

Dollar Straight Razor Set 6/8” – The best straight razor no. 1

Best straight razor Gold Dollar

That might be a mouthful but you get a lot for your cash – retailing at $58.99 this is a good value set for starting out with a decent straight razor.  Everything is ready for you to go so you don’t have to hunt down the accessories.

There’s also a useful free lifetime sharpening feature and you get an 8 page beginners guide to shaving.  While others were also nervous to use it, once they got the hang of it they love the feeling of a smooth, close shave (as do I).

There’s no irritation or uncomfortable burn either just nice smooth skin (you may get a couple of cuts but persevere, practice makes perfect).  The strop is good quality leather and the blade is decent steel for a beginner at this type of shave.  You can’t go wrong with the cost so this in my opinion is one of the finest straight razors to begin with.

DOVO Classic Straight Razor – The best straight razor no. 2

DOVO Classic - The best straight razor

Here’s one of the razors which is ready for you to go and comes with a Swedish steel blade and black plastic scales.  It is pricier than the Shave Ready at $104.99 but I think it is a better product.

This DOVO is light and comfortable to hold and it’s a hollow blade so you are very conscious of your movements.  You get a nice, smooth and close shave plus if you want any extra detail or shapes then the curved edge of the blade works well.

As with all straight razors you must be patient as you won’t get the technique immediately but taking your time and trying it out will make all the difference!

DOVO Straight Razor Gold Etched Blade – The best straight razor no. 3

Best straight razor Dovo

Here’s another great straight razor by DOVO which retails at $147.33.  I love this product as it has a 3” carbon steel blade and is neat looking and lightweight to use.

The handle is really cool in white mother of pearl and it’s a very attractive piece to have in your bathroom cabinet.  The price is fair for the quality of shaver and shave plus because of its shape you get really good control and balance (vital if you want a safe shave!)

Bear in mind you will need to strop the blade regularly to keep it sharp.  You get a superior shave for your money and a handsome looking shaver too!  It’s well worth the bucks!


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Sean Castle - October 1, 2016

I really like the review of the Dolo razors. Dolo has been such a high quality brand of straight razors for German and now U.S. Consumers. The Dolo Ebony Black, which I don’t see here is my go to straight razor. You should do a write up on it.


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