Things To Know Before Shaving Your Head

Who’s your favorite bald guy of all time? Gandhi? Telly Savalas? Professor X?

Mine is Jedi Master Mace Windu played so impressively by Samuel L. Jackson, one of the few laudable acting jobs in the Star Wars prequels.

Mace is a lone bald head in a universe full of sweet beards – Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and 60-year old Luke Skywalker standing on a hill all come to mind – and makes me wonder if he used the Force to actually run the razor across his dome or had some kind of wicked Jedi mind trick that actually convinced the individual hairs to voluntarily exit his head.

Whatever the trick, the rest of us have to use more mortal means; lamentably none of us can shave with a purple lightsaber that has the words “Bad Motherfu**er” inscribed on it.

That’s OK, because there are still some incredible ways to get your head shaved by mere mortal conveyances.

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Top Razors for Shaving Head

There are a million different options for shaving your head, but here are best five that really make our hair stand on in.

HeadBlade ATX Kit:


Just in case you didn’t know you were supposed to use it on your head, they named it the HeadBlade. Reminds me of the time in college when my roommate – who grew up forbidden to watch children’s programming – suddenly said during an episode of “Sesame Street”: “Oh, he’s The Count because he counts things.” Two points for the genius! In all seriousness, the Headblade kit gets you an ATX All-Terrain Razor, a 5 ounce bottle of HeadSlick, and some HB4 Refill Blades because nobody in their right mind wants to shave their head with a dull blade. It’s lauded by users as the best head shave ever although others feel it is a bit sup-bar in the sharpness of the blades.

HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor:

Things To Know Before Shaving Your Head


Extra kudos to the design team at HeadBlade that put together this ensemble complete with a “seat” and front wheels resembling an actual ATV. It’s specifically designed to make shaving your head fun, not mention fast and easy. The “seat” is actually a soft rubber finger grip that fits both righties and lefties equally well. The wheels are as much for giving beginner’s a how-to guide as they are for visual appeal. One of the toughest things about trying to shave your head with a traditional razor is not finding the right angles. That’s eliminated here.

HeadBlade Sport Razor with Triple Blade Technology for Men:

Things To Know Before Shaving Your Head


If the All Terrain Head Razor was built for the redneck component of our population, the Sport Razor was meant for the hockey nuts, given how much it resembles a Zamboni. With a blade in front and two wheels behind, it couldn’t be easier to start using. There’s been a huge change on those wheels; they are no longer hard plastic that feels cheap and rough on your skin, but instead hard rubber that molds against your face, offering less resistance and less anguish when you’re doing laps around your dome “cutting the grass”. There’s also rubber on the finger grip and the pad above it to give you the ultimate comfort while shaving. The triple blade helps with another weak point of previous models – blades not up to the task.

Top Safety Razors for Shaving Head

The Chieftain

Things To Know Before Shaving Your Head


It might not have a cool bumblebee exterior like the HeadBlade line of products but this is one cool-looking, cool-sounding razor. I bet Frank Sinatra would have used this razor if he ever shaved his head. I can see the TV commercial now: “There’s only one razor for the Chairman of the Boards, and that’s the Chieftain, baby!” Made by Vikings – the brand, not the ancient race of seafarers – it comes with five Swedish Platinum Super Blades and a very nice carrying case that I guarantee they are going to take out of your bag at airport security. It’s heavier than most razors, but that’s a good thing, you don’t want to get too speedy when you’re using a cutting blade against your noggin.

How to avoid razor burn when shaving head bald

Let’s face it, razor burn is bad enough on your face. On your now-bald head, it’s a bit like getting a sunburn, then having someone put a cheese grater on your head. The most crucial ingredient in avoiding that situation is time. You can’t rush this job or you’ll regret it, either by cutting yourself or not doing a good job, and being the guy at work who’s trying to be cool and shave his head but can’t do it right.

To avoid razor burn, always take a long shower first to soften up your hair. Also, wait about five minutes after you apply your shaving cream or shaving oil before you start going to town. Give your hair every chance to get as soft as possible.

Another smart tip is to be just as proactive on the days you don’t shave. Get a face wash designed to exfoliate; typically they’ll have glycolic acid or salicylic acid. The more you do this, the less chance of ingrown hairs forming.

Tips for head shaving

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All things considered, shaving your head is a pretty simple deal. You have hair up there, get rid of it! Of course, it’s more complicated than that, and that’s why we’re including a few extra tips and tricks to ensure you’re doing the best, safest job possible when you shave your head.

  1. Get a shaving mirror with an adjustable arm. The first time I used one of these, I was 25 years old and staying at a fancy hotel in Boston about to go see a game at Fenway Park for the first time. I had no intention of shaving until I saw how cool it was and what a great view it gave you. When you shave your head, you want to be absolutely sure on every stroke. Totally worth a little investment.
  2. Set up a routine. Shave on the same day(s) every week, always after a hot shower, always with a razor that has at least three blades, always letting the blade, not your hand, do the work. The muscle memory you’ll build doing this will keep you from rushing or making dumb mistake.
  3. When you’re done shaving, give your head a big douse of cold water even if it stings, then gently dry it with a towel. At this point, you should think of your shaved head the way you would a newborn baby’s bottom. Everything is going to irritate it if you’re not constantly keeping it clean.

Best shaving creams for head

Things To Know Before Shaving Your Head

Now if we go by every movie and TV show where a bad guy shaves his head to let you know how damn serious he is about getting rid of those pesky heroes who keep ruining his plan, you basically just need a huge knife to shave your head – like Dennis Hopper in Waterworld. And hey, don’t judge me for having seen Waterworld. We all saw it in 1995. Costner was coming off Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, Robin Hood, and Dances with Wolves. How did we know it would suck? Anyway, sometimes the bad guy will use some knock-off of Barbasol, but no villain has ever been shown using exfoliant or moisturizer. You can’t have goons with machine guns if you’re caught using moisturizer.

If you’re in the mood to get bald, here are four fantastic shaving cream options to try.

HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream:

Things To Know Before Shaving Your Head


Sometimes I find myself wondering if the makers of this stuff had Arnold Schwarzenegger come up with their marketing terms.

Marketing team: “Hey Arnold, this is our shave cream, it’s really slick and really helps the blade move on your head.”

Arnold: “Head blade? Head slick?”

Marketing team: “Perfect!”

Containing something called “Mystic Acid”, which I think my Paladin had a vial of once in Dungeons & Dragons, HeadSlick has loyal customers dating back two decades who worship the stuff and won’t use anything else.

Bee Bald Shave for Head and Face:

Things To Know Before Shaving Your Head


Considering it contains honey extract and pollen extract, I wouldn’t wear it out in the garden, but this sweet-smelling, slick-feeling shave is as forceful as it is fragrant. Fruit extract and licorice root complete the tour de ingredients.

SoftSheen-Carson Magic Razorless Cream Shave:

Things To Know Before Shaving Your Head


A big warning – you don’t use this stuff with a razor; it is the razor. It’s a little scary that the instructions want you to use a part of your head the size of a quarter as a guinea pig to make sure this stuff works on you and doesn’t eat through your scalp to your brain. Basically, it’s a huge conglomeration of oils and perfumes that lift and remove the hair from your skin. It can be really effective for people who suffer razor burn, but you have to be really careful.

Luxury All-Natural Hand Formulated Shaving Oil: 

Things To Know Before Shaving Your Head


All-Natural means no dyes or synthetic fragrances, so you might not smell as nice later, but hey, it’s the top of your head, you’ll survive. Hailed as a 4-in-1 product, you can use it as a stand-alone shave oil, an after-shave, a beard conditioner, or a pre-shave oil. It’s like a Transformer, except I understand the plot this.

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