Top 10 Electric Razors and Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy an electric shaver, there is a lot you need to know about options other than the top 10 electric razors available in the market. You can easily find a large number of electric shavers, offering different features and in different price ranges. However, if you are planning to get the best product, you first need to have an idea of what the available technologies are and what an ideal shaver kit should have today. So, here is a complete buying guide for you that can help you select the right razor for your use.

Types of Electric Razors Available

Top 10 electric razors - Panasonic Arc IVThere are two common types of electric razors that you will find in the market. While both of these razors can provide you with similar level of effectiveness and efficiency, each one has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the two types of razors and what they offer:
1. Foil Razors – Foil electric razors look like rolls of metal that have small plucking holes in them. These holes trap the hair and pull them from the root after which the adjoined razor cuts the remaining hair. Compared to rotary razors, foil razors provide a slightly closer shave, especially when used against the direction of the hair growth.
2. Rotary Razors – Rotary razors usually have three circular modules attached to the shaver head. These modules look slightly like shower heads that are arranged in a triangular pattern. There are small rings in these circular modules that are used to pull the hair out. Compared to foil razors, rotary razors are preferred because they are less noisy and feature pivoting head that moves flexibly along face contours. Also, they can remove longer facial hair more effectively.

Top 10 Electric Razors – Common Features

Before you select one of the top 10 electric razors available in the market, you should know about some in-built features and accompanying accessories that they should have. Let’s take a look at what these things are:
top 10 electric razors Broun Mobile Shaver• A Trusted Manufacturer – While you might not think it matters, buying a shaver from a trusted manufacturer is very important. Even though you might feel like that the branded top 10 electric razors are slightly expensive, you get what you pay for when it comes to electric razors.
• Warranty – A good shaver should offer at least a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you go over the top 10 electric razors, they all exceed this industry standard. Also, check if different parts of the razor such as foil, blade, cutters or shaving heads are excluded from this warranty or not.
• Cordless Function – Most of the top 10 electric razors today offer cordless function, allowing you to use your shaver for wet shaving as well. For sensitive-skinned people, this can be the best way to prevent irritation or abrasion often caused by dry shaving.
• Styling Trimmer – Most electric shavers today come with pop-up trimmers, allowing you to remove longer hairs and shaping sideburns, moustache & shave styles.
Based on these features, you can decide which of the top 10 electric razors is best for you.

Check-out our top 10 electric razors ranked taking in consideration the features, price and popularity of the product in the market.








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Jason - July 30, 2015

in conclusion foil razors provide closer shave, but they are noisier and less flexible than the rotary shavers, right? so if i want a closer shave i should go with a foil razor?

Nate - August 4, 2015

Hi Jason!
If you want a shaver that can give you both qualities i recommend you the Philips Norelco 1250X SensoTouch 3D .. it’s very silent, flexible and provides a close shave.


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