Top 3 Barber Clippers you Should Consider


If you’re looking to update your barber clippers or you are a first timer you might be interested in my reviews which are based on customer reviews on and my own experience.

I’ve been barbering for many years so I’ve used plenty of different types, styles and makes of clippers.  Obviously I want my customers to be completely happy with their cuts so I consider myself well advised on the subject!  I hope this will help you in making your choice!

Wahl 79524-2051 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Barber Clippers

Barber Clippers Wahl 79524

You won’t go wrong with the Wahl Barber Clippers because they offer outstanding value for money and they provide total grooming (for face and hair).  You also won’t need to re-sharpen these because they are very clever and self-sharpen, with high-carbon steel blades (so they stay sharp for a while)!

These are suitable for salon use or for personal use and include lots of functions such as a blade guard, barber comb, styling comb, multi-cut clipper, cleaning brush, scissors, eyebrow trim, blade oil and so much more! Bear in mind the blades are sharp so take time with trimming your hair or you could cut off too much – it’s a very smooth and easy product to use!

It’s also relatively quiet and is comfortable.  The Wahl is a well-built set of clippers plus it can be used on almost all hair (side-burns and eyebrows too) because it has plenty of attachments.  For about $21 you get a lot of quality product for your money.

Andis Barber Combo-Powerful Clipper and Trimmer Combo Kit

Barber Clippers Andis

This is a very popular barber clipper kit and comes with plenty of accessories.  It is, however, more pricey than the Wahl at$83.93.  For the money you get fine teeth with six comb attachments in variable sizes, it’s very quiet (which is a big advantage in a busy barber salon).

The clippers are easily stored in a hanging loop and overall it gives a perfectly groomed finish. The Andis is suitable for thick, thin, wet or dry hair and it cuts beards, mustaches and other facial hair too.  Reviewers particularly like the sturdy grip and find it comfortable to use.

As many users are barbers, the facts speak for themselves.  These are suitable for beginners and experienced barbers because they are easy to use and give an excellent finish.  If you are intending on using for shaving your face it gives a good close shave without discomfort – a recommended set of barber clippers.

Andis T-Outliner Barber Clipers Trimmer with T Blade, Gray (04710)

The Andis T Outliner

This is another winning beard trimmer product from Andis.  It retails for about $50 and comes in a sleek, smart gray color.  This particular trimmer is ideal for dry shaving too and has a very close-cutting blade so it works well for trimming beards, mustaches, necks and even around the ears.

The blades are adjustable according to how you like to shave which is a useful feature.  If you like to design your facial hair then the teeth are close enough to allow you to do this.  It has a high speed motor too but it’s very quiet so it works well in a busy, noisy salon environment.  This set of clippers comes with an 8 foot long cord and a hanger loop for easy storage.

It is great for sensitive skins and gives an excellent quality close shave.  This particular model gives good longevity too – so it will last for years.  Customers report they work just as well 12 months after purchase and cut as thin as a visit to the barbers (which is why many reviewers are barbers and use these in their salon!)

The wide blade means less strokes so it’s faster too.  Overall – the Andis T-Outliner gives a superior quality trimming experience and result.


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