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For those of you who are unfamiliar with DOVO, it is a stainless steel accessory business hailing from Germany.  It boasts many years of history producing items for a number of different industries such as cutlery, scissors manicure sets, shaving brushes and of course, shaving itself (such as the Dovo Straight Razor).

Shaving with a straight razor

It has been in existence since the early 1930’s and today has many trademarked brands under its wing.  DOVO’s primary product was razors with hair scissors introduced during the Second World War.  In fact, hair scissors were the inspiration for barber razors and since developing these,  DOVO has gone from strength to strength right up to present day with a worldwide customer base.  Today, DOVO continues to offer state of the art design combined with exceptional mechanics for every single product it manufactures.

One of the products DOVO is famed for is the Shavette.  This is a disposable blade straight razor with a fixed or folding blade.  While it looks like the straight razor it is very different, especially as it uses disposable blades.  This means you can’t re-sharpen the blades.

So barbers who use these don’t ever re-use them, instead they put them in the trash (carefully) and get on with the next Shavette.  The original Shavette (made by DOVO) was designed especially for the barber industry to give popular razor-cut haircuts.  So instead of traditional scissors or clippers – the Shavette did the job instead.

It is still exceptionally popular today and shapes sideburns, hairlines and the nape of the neck as well as cutting hair. One of the reasons the Dovo Straight Razor Shavettes are so popular is because the blade is disposable – this means there is no danger in passing blood infections or diseases and they are completely hygienic.

So what’s the difference between a Dovo  straight razor and a Shavette razor?  Don’t be confused, Shavettes are not the same as other straight razors.  They shave differently and they feel different to use.  Apart from their looks they are completely different to a straight razor.

Shavettes are not recommended as a starter straight razor because they have rigid and shorter blade lengths plus if you don’t have experience of them you are in danger of making mistakes, it’s better to practice a lot before using these regularly – you need experience!  One huge advantage to a DOVO Shavette is there is no need to hone or strop the blade.

DOVO 504B/5/8 Col CONK Straight Razor with Full Shaving Set Package

Dovo straight razor reviewed

This is an all-round well received shaving product set.  When researching Dovo Straight Razor customers reports, they are mainly positive with some 5 star ratings and great customer comments.  Mainly it scored 50% 4 star ratings with 29% giving it 5 stars, so the list price is well justified.

Some customers were unhappy with the non-wooden handle but overall for a beginner using this type of straight razor it is well-received.  Some of the comments say there is danger of cutting yourself when first using this type of shaver but once they were used to using it – they wouldn’t look back!

Importantly this type of product needs plenty of practice, once you have the hang of it, I would say it’s easy to use and most people have no intention of ever returning to traditional or disposable razors.

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DOVO Classic Straight Razor Half Hollow Ground

DOVO Classic Straight Razor Half Hollow

Out of 82 customer reviews this Dovo Straight Razor scores highly with 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.  It is a straight edge razor with a smart ebony handle designed to shave the old fashioned way!  I find it’s particularly good for side burns and moustaches.

It must be noted that as with most of these types of razors this is the type of shave that takes time and practice to know how to use it properly.  All in all, customers seem very happy with the quality of shave from the DOVO Classic but again, reiterate that this type of razor takes time to get used to.

If you know how to use it you will achieve the perfect shave – so this justifies the price and overall it is not viewed as an expensive product!

First-timers report that their first few attempts were not great but once they knew how to use it, the shave became easier and closer.  It also makes an enjoyable shave.  If you don’t have the patience to get used to this type of razor then this product is not for you – however if you want a close, professional, smooth shave then, as I’ve said,  practice makes perfect!

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DOVO Straight Razor Carbon, Ebony Wood Handle 4 580

DOVO Straight Razor Carbon

Another beauty from DOVO, this razor has a straight edge in carbon with a smart ebony wooden handle designed to give a close, smooth and professional looking shave.  Out of only 8 customer reviews this scores 75% 5 stars and 12% 4 stars.  Only one person scored it 1 star so in comparison to the other reviews, this shouldn’t deter anyone from buying this product.

The handle is really comfortable with a reasonable case and shaves quickly although new users need to be patient.  This Dovo Straight Shaver is seen to be high quality, giving a great shave for a good price, making shaving a pleasurable experience rather than a chore!

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