How to Trim a Beard


Trimming your beard can be much easier with an electric trimmer. Buy a quality one.

Know that the shape of your face can determine just how your trim your beard.With a round face, you want more hairs on your chin. With an oblong or oval face, go for less.

Try your trimmer with a number one guard. Start above your Adam’s apple and work your way up, trimming to a taper. When trimming the top of you beard, create a line that runs parallel to your jaw line.

Comb your mustache well. Trim away any stray hairs.

Other Hints

Want your beard to look even more chic? If so, shampoo and condition it, just like the hair on top of your head. Keep the shape of your beard up by trimming once, weekly.

Get rid of longer or stray hairs. Trim with a smaller guard upwards of your Adam’s apple. Keep tapering your shave there so you can shave less often in the future.

Beard oil is a great product that will make your beard look even better. When you are in the shower, be sure to brush your beard. However, do not trim it while it is still wet.


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