How to Use Shaving Soap: A Beginner’s Guide

Seven Key FactorsHow Do You Wash Your Beard

If you’re like most guys, you probably didn’t know a lick about beard soap the first time you decided to grow out your facial hair. Instead, you slathered on whatever soap or shampoo you had handy and went about your merry way.

Now that’s OK when you’re young, dumb, and have a limited income; I mean, when you’re spending 99% of your monthly earnings on beer, stereo equipment, and sweet rims or your car, you can’t expect to throw money at a specialty soap for crying out loud!

But as your priorities change, personal hygiene can occasionally rear its ugly head. Your first beard is often one of convenience, but as we evolve we begin upping our facial hair game to highlight our physical appearance and augment the sort of swagger we want others to see in us.

If you want your beard looking its best every day in every occasion, you’ve got to give it the best when it comes to keeping it clean.

Shaving soap has seven key factors that you should look for before purchasing your first bar.

  • How well does it clean? Seems a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised. Words like “exfoliate” are what you’re after here.
  • Does it moisturize? If you’re a beginning Beard-er, which is thankfully nothing like a Truther, a term like moisturize might have you a bit more in touch with your feminine side than you’re comfortable with. But take a deep breath, moist skin and moist beards are well-maintained, attractive beards.
  • Does it lather easily? Having to work to produce a lather is a sure sign that the manufacturers of this soap don’t have the faintest idea what they’re doing.
  • Does it smell good? Clearly, we all have our favorite scents, from Kramer’s “The Beach” to my personal favorites of vanilla, butterscotch, cut grass, and sandalwood.
  • How big is the bar? This is usually a question you ask right before you go out on a Friday night with your boys, but in this case, we’re talking about how easy it is to pick up and grip while washing your face. Bars of soap with so many rough edges you’d think Aquaman forged them with his trident are unnecessary.
  • What are the ingredients? You don’t want a bunch of chemicals in any product you use, particularly one you put on your face. If you can’t pronounce more than one thing on the ingredient list, you don’t want this stuff.
  • How much does it cost? No matter how great a product is, if you can’t afford it, it’s worthless to you. 

How Do You Wash Your Beard?

You’ll be tempted to wash your beard daily in the shower, but that’s a mistake. Wash your face twice a day, but your beard only twice a week. Find a good beard soap and use it after you get out of the shower. Create a good lather with the soap and massage your fingers through your beard. Rinse it out and pat it dry. Simple as that. You wipe out the oils and you’re ready to face the day.

Full Beard Ahead.

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