Top 3 Wahl Balding Clippers Reviewed

Wahl Balding Clippers

I use Wahl balding clippers a lot – in my barber’s salon and also for personal use.  I’ve been using these types of products for many years so over that time I’ve tried lots of different styles and brands.  Based on my experience I think I am qualified enough to give a good overall opinion and I think it’s useful if you’re looking for high quality balding clippers to read an expert’s view!

I’ve also taken into account the reviews on on my top three balding clippers – these back up what I think so you could say you’re getting all your research in one easy place!

Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit

Barber Clippers Wahl 79524

Now this is an outstanding set because it comes with 24 pieces!  Forget that it’s an excellent Wahl balding clippers product it does so much more including total body grooming!  It’s suitable for almost everything including eyebrows, ear hair and facial hair so you’re getting tremendous value for money at just about $21 (you can’t go wrong!)  You will never need to sharpen the blades either because they are self-sharpening.

The list of accessories is so long, it might take you to the end of the page to read so here are a few:  barber comb, styling comb, scissors, hair clips, multi-cut clipper, blade guard, ear-trim guide comb, eyebrow trim guide comb, storage case, cleaning brush….take a breath!  It also comes with a full set of instructions.

Customers really appreciate the smooth, gentle precision cut and it doesn’t irritate the scalp or the face.  It cuts well and it’s very fast so take your time!  If you’re looking for a high quality all-American product this one ticks all the boxes.  Overall, you should be delighted.

Wahl Professional 785110 5-Star Series Balding Clipper

hair clippers Wahl 8110

Here’s another superb Wahl balding clippers set which is priced at about $39 and I have seen it being reviewed by a lot of customers.  For the price you get two cutting guides, a black barber comb, pre-shave brush, blade guard, oil, cleaning brush and a set of easy to use instructions.

You’ll find this fast too as it is twice the speed of pivot motor clippers.  The blades are surgical so you get full balding – leaving you smooth and shiny.  These Wahl balding clippers are generally described as outstanding, professional and high quality.

A bald head can be achieved in as little as 10 minutes and it’s very easy to use – great for a beginner and just as excellent for an experience barber. Be careful though, the blades are exceptionally sharp.

Wahl Balding Clippers Five Star Magic Professional 8451

Wahl balding clippers Five Star

This is the third product of my favorite Wahl balding clippers (not in order of quality).  You can always trust Wahl to deliver a fantastic product.  This one is a lightweight, powerful model but very quiet (again a good choice for barbers in salon) and it has adjustable blades so you can achieve the close cut you are looking for.

The blade adjusts to zero overlap which is useful.  You can buy the Wahl Fiver Star Magic for about $52. Overall, it was ranking a score of 4.5 stars on websites like Amazon when i wrote this article.  The product itself is exceptionally sturdy and won’t overheat.  It also comes with 8 attachments, a guard attachment, comb, cleaning brush and clipper oil.

Be aware the blade is very sharp so take extra care on sensitive areas.  While you might be looking for balding clippers (and these do the job very well) the clippers are suitable for all hair types – even very thick so can cut or trim or shave off as you wish.


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