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Wahl Electric ShaverIf you are looking for a deluxe shaving system that can give you an extremely clean and close shave, the Wahl electric shaver 7367-500 is one of the best products for you. Unlike other electric shavers available for men, this device is a complete shaving system that comes with multiple heads, ensuring unmatched performance. Sharp blades and best technologies make this shaver one of the best products for men. If this sounds like what you were looking for, here is a review of this Wahl electric shaver for you.

Features of Wahl Electric Shaver 7367-500 Multi-Head

For those looking to buy this shaver, here are some of its most noticeable features:
MicroCut Cutting System – This Wahl electric shaver features an exclusive MicroCut system that rotates the precision-honed blades. This makes them remove hair not just from above, but from the sides of cutting head as well, giving accurate and efficient shaving.
Wahl Electric ShaverMultiple Shaving Heads –The shaver comes with three different shaving heads: sensitive, close and super close. This makes it a perfect electric shaver for those who have sensitive skin or get ingrown hair. These heads are designed to give you a close shave with comfort.
Dual-Head Trimmer –All the shaving heads provided with this Wahl electric shaver have flexible dual foil heads. These flexible heads move along the contours of your face and neck, giving a perfect shave with less chances of causing injury.
Additional Pop-Up TrimmerThe shaver also comes with a pop-up trimmer that allows you to take care of your sideburns, mustache detailing and stray hair. This trimmer can also be used for your eyebrows and nose and ear hair trimming.

Corded and Cordless OperationsThe shaver offers both cordless and corded operation. For cordless operation, you need to charge it for 18 hours beforehand. A charger is provided with the device.

Ergonomic Handle –The shaver is ergonomically designed with a handle that has soft-grip rubber sides. This gives you a firm and secure hold even when your hands are wet.
The Wahl electric shaver also comes with a storage stand, a travel pouch, a cleaning brush, a foil storage container and a two-year limited warranty by manufacturer.

Customer Reviews

From the customers of Amazon, the product has successfully gained a 4/5 star rating. According to one customer, it is the “best shaver ever used” by them. Customers have found this Wahl electric shaver to provide a close and clean shave in less time. Its multiple shaving heads and trimmer also make it a perfect shaver that is so popular among customers.

Wahl Electric Shaver


Unlike other shavers that come with pop-up trimmers and so many supporting accessories, this Wahl electric shaver is quite affordable. The list price of this shaver is $79.95. What makes the price even more tempting is that it comes with free shipping as well. If you are looking for performance, functionality and affordability all combined together in a single value pack, this is the perfect shave.


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Pete - July 30, 2015

can i use the bonus personal trimmer for my nose and ears?

Toby - August 4, 2015

Does it come with at least one-year warranty?

topmenshavers - August 9, 2015

Hi Toby!
It comes with a 2 year warranty.

Fidel - August 14, 2015

If you take apart an electric shaver, the shaver parts you will find are
a rechargeable battery, a switch, an electric motor, and blades.
This electrical shaver ensures you the best shave
you’ll actually get and get rid of any hair it makes appropriate connection with.
Actually, it is not difficult as long as you have build up a good habit.


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