Getting the Best Battery Operated Shavers

If you find using the corded electric shavers too much of a hassle, or you don’t want your energy bills to mount up due to charging these shavers again and again, you can consider buying battery operated shavers. These shavers can be easily carried anywhere you go, making it easier for you to look your best at all times. So, if you are looking for a compact hair removal tool that can stay with you round the clock, battery operated shavers are just the thing for you.

Braun Mobile Best Battery Shaver

Braun Mobile Shaver M90 1 Count – Is it the Best Batery Shaver?

When looking for battery shavers, you will find a lot of different products in the market. However, one of the best battery operated shavers that you can get is the Braun M90 Mobile Shaver. Featuring some of the latest technologies used in hair shavers, this shaver provides a smooth and close shave with precision. If you are considering buying this shaver, here is a review of it that you might find helpful:


Here are some features of Braun M90 highlighted for your review:

Floating Foil – It features a wide floating foil that moves along the contours of your body, giving you a completely close and comfortable shave. The wide foil also pulls more hair in a single pass, giving you an efficient and swift performance.

Precision Trimmer – The shaver also features an extendable long hair precision trimmer. This trimmer can be used to get rid of any stray hair that might have been left during the shave. You can also use this trimmer for shaping your sideburns and moustache.

Twist Cap – The shave also has an in-built twist cap that is provided to cover the foil. This cap ensures that the foil of the shaver remains safe from any possible damage when the shaver is not being used.

WashableThe shaver can be easily washed by running water through the foil. This will remove all the trapped hair from the foil, ensuring that you get a clean and hygienic shaving experience every time you want to use it.

Battery – Like several other battery operated shavers, this shaver uses two simple AA batteries to function. You can get this battery from the nearest convenience store at a low price, making this shaver convenient to use anywhere you want.

Braun Best batery shaver

Customer Reviews for this battery operated shaver

With a 4.1/5 star rating on Amazon and several positive reviews, this is undoubtedly one of the most preferred battery operated shavers among customers. According to customers, it is an excellent shaver which is simple and solid to use, and provides a close and clean shave. The customers like the twist cap of this shaver which keeps it safe while travelling.


Being one of the best battery operated shavers that you can find in the market, you will definitely expect this to be a high-end product. However, it falls well within the affordable price range compared to other shavers in the market. The list price of the product is $23.61, but you can may find a discounted price on Amazon. Check here.


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Steph - July 30, 2015

i noticed this shaver and also the braun 760cc and i can’t decide which one i should buy.. so i want your opinion.. thanks!


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