Best Shaving Kits – Father’s day Gift Ideas

Every father is an unsung hero in a child’s life.

With Father’s Day around the corner, as shaving accessories are somewhat assets to men,  you can’t go wrong with a shaving kit, as gift for dad. Manly and unapologetic, these high quality shaving kits make thoughtful gifts to be remembered and talked about.

What does a shaving kit contain?

Shaving kits have every shaving essentials a man needs in one place, to get that perfect grooming. While some parts of the shaving kit may be optional, and vary from brand to brand, there are others that are common.

  • Shaving cream/gel: This is essential for every shaving kit and men should not skip its use. The cream and gel work in the same way; preparing their skin so that the razor can move smoothly over it. Your choice of shaving cream should be influenced by your sensitivities as you may be allergic to some ingredients in it. Organic and fragrance-free creams/gels should be on your top list.
  • Face oil: This is another good preparatory tool that will help prepare your skin and prevent burns and cuts. This is may be optional especially since your shaving cream will perform a similar function. However, using a face oil will have an overall good effect on your shaving. When using an electric shaver, it tends to come with its own special kind of face oil suited for it.
  • Shaving brush: This is for applying the lather evenly to your face as your bare fingers will not do that effectively. When your lather is spread evenly by a good brush, your razor will move with ease. Natural hair brushes are less likely to trigger irritant reactions.
  • Razors: There is a recent fancy for electric razors because of their speed and ease of use. However, the traditional razors are still highly preferred because they achieve a closer shave than the electric ones. You can have both the electric and the regular razor to switch for your use. There is also the option of having disposable razors or long-lasting ones that can be sharpened and cleaned regularly. The latter are more expensive but they tend to work more effectively.
  • Aftershave: This is another compulsory item in every shaving kit. They are important for post-shaving care. Aftershaves that contain vitamin E and C are best as they give sunscreen protection and soothe the skin after shaving. Some aftershaves contain alcohol so they are quick to dry up; therefore, you should use a fragrance-free moisturizer afterward.

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The Best Shaving Kits On The Market

1. Old school shaving kit with blade

Old school shaving kit with blade
I love this shaving kit that goes back to the old basics. Guaranteed to provide a clean shave, as grandpa used to have, back in the day. The kit usually comes in a starter or full package. The starter kit consists of a safety razor, extra blades, shaving soap and a badger brush. The full package starter kit includes a shaving mug, a brush, razor stand and a Styptic Pencil. Gentleman’s Hangar is a good example of the old school shaving kit. If your dad is more of an “old school”, he would really appreciate an Old school shaving kit with blade as a Father’s Day gift.

2. Vintage shaving kit with mirror

Vintage shaving kit with mirror
This antique shaving kit comes with a revolving mirror set on the shaving bowl and a stand that holds the brush and razor. The brush comes with real badger hair and deep bowl for lathering. It is an ideal kit for beginners with a familiar feel of the old. It’s a good gift idea for fathers that have a taste for the vintage.

3. Shaving kit with bag, for travel

Shaving kit with bag for travel
You can get a shaving kit with bag for your dad if he loves to travel. When going on a trip, he will want to have a shaving kit that will not make his bag bulkier and can fit in almost unnoticed. The Shaving kit by Shaveology offers classic grooming in a compact bag perfectly suited for travel. The kit includes a safety razor, pre-shave oil, shave lather, aftershave, silvertip shave brush and stand. The silvertip brush is sleek and will have a good impact on your shaving experience.

4. Shaving kit with trimmer

Shaving kit with trimmer
This Father’s Day, let your dad enjoy an amazing shave any man can get with the best shaving kit. The Remington PG525 kit is a total body grooming kit as it contains 8 attachments to cater to head to toe trimming. This shaving kit includes the full-size trimmer, ear, nose and detail trimmer, vertical body hair trimmer, hair clipper combs and 3 beard and stubble combs. The attachments are detachable, washable and the surgical blades are long-lasting and self-sharpening. Let your dad experience a clear and smooth skin on Father’s Day. He deserves to look good!

5. Shaving Kit with safety razor, bowl and badger brush

Shaving Kit with safety razor, bowl and badger brush

This Maison Lambert kit is a perfect Father’s Day gift idea. It is hand-made and hypoallergenic with every accessory arranged in an attractive wooden cigar box. Every father will cherish this gift and will know how much you appreciate them. Apart from being an amazing gift idea, it includes all the necessary tools to get the perfect grooming you desire. There is the double edge safety razor with 10 astra blade and a pure black badge brush. It also includes a shaving stand, organic shaving soap, organic aftershave and a free organic body soap.

Another variant by Usnaturals comes with a 6-set kit which includes pure badger shaving brush, 1 double edge razor, 1 chrome razor stand, 1 bowl, 1 shaving bowl and 2 extra replacement blades. The bowl is the perfect size for regular soaps and the badger brush stops losing hair after few uses. The Joshua Robert collection kit includes Butterfly Safety Razor and Stand, Natural Hair Shaving Brush, Professional Barber Soap Shaving Soap and a Soap Dish with a lid.

6. Shaving kit with straight razor

If you are looking for a long-lasting shaving kit, the Gold Dollar straight razor by the Shave Network or Velvet Forge is a good choice for your dad. The Shave Network offers free lifetime sharpening for the blades in their kit and you only pay for the shipping. The kit also includes a synthetic brush with a satin tip, Straight Razor Box & GB Buckingham & Sons 3″ Wide Strop.

7. Shaving kit for head

Shaving kit for head

This Philips Norelco Beard & Head trimmer comes with an innovative technology that helps men get a more effective cut. The razor blades are self-sharpening and are double sharpened for a faster trimming experience. Because it cuts hair more effectively, it prevents skin irritation. The trimmer works with an advanced lithium battery that lasts for up to 70 minutes after a 1-hour charge. It is washable, thus good cleaning can be achieved. No man can resist a perfect shaving kit with self-sharpening razor blades. Your dad would love this gift!

8. Shaving kit for sensitive skin

Shaving kit for sensitive skin

Rather than getting a clean-shaven skin with fresh and smooth skin, some men experience a frustrating morning routine when they get red and irritated skin after shaving. Such men have given up on shaving because of the endless bumps and burns they often get even after trying different shaving kits. The Bevel Shave System Kit is specially designed for to help prevent razor bumps and other irritations. This kit features shaving products formulated specially for sensitive skin. It comes with a face oil, single blade razor, shaving cream, soothing aftershave and a brush.

9. Shaving kit for teenager

Shaving kit for teenager

The best shaving kit you can get for teenagers may be the electric shaver or trimmer because they are new to this part of ridding bodily hair. They also do not have all the time to grasp the idea of using the different parts of the regular shaving kit. However, men can also use this shaving kit for an efficient trimming and shaving. The simpler the process, the better for them. The Remington PG6025 is a good option that comes with 8 attachments for a full body grooming. The Braun Series 7 electric shaver is more basic and comes with an alcohol clean and charge station.


Men use shaving kits on a regular basis because it helps them to look good and exceptional. They cannot avoid shaving, even if they decide to keep their beards. They’ll still need some grooming along the line. Moreover, nobody wants to go around looking like a caveman. The shaving frequency depends on every man’s decision. He may decide to look clean shaven every morning or have a fuzzy chin on some days. Whatever choices they make, they still need the best shaving kit that will suit their needs.

Father’s Day is a special day to show appreciation to your dad. Regardless of all the ups and downs in your life, he has supported you with guns blazing. Thus, choosing any of these gifts will surely make him happy.

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 Best shaving kits

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