Braun Clean And Renew Cartridges – How To Use Them And Where To Find The Best Deals?

The life of a shaver depends on how you maintain it and a large part of maintaining a shaver is how well and often you clean it. This is why most new shavers come with their own self-cleaning stations and the Braun Clean and Renew system is one of them. These self-cleaning stations not only help you clean the blade and the device but also lubricate the blades.

The shavings and other debris from the shaver is emptied and stored inside the cleaning cartridge while the blades are sterilized and cleaned at the same times and lubricated after. This ensures the shaver provides consistent performance every time.

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How often I have to replace the Braun Clean and Renew Cartridges?

The Braun Clean and Renew cleaning system comes with a replaceable cartridge feature so that when the system is used up, you can replace the cartridge and continue using it, ensuring your shaver stays efficient for longer. Each original Braun Clean and Renew cartridge lasts for a month and can be used along with the 3 series shavers as well as the 5 and 7 series shavers.  As a Braun shaver is supposed to last 6 years, if maintained and kept clean, this clean and renews system provides an ease of cleaning that will prolong the life of the shaver with minimum hassle.


How to replace the Braun Clean and Renew Cartridges?

With the Braun clean and renew cartridges, maintaining your shaver becomes easy although it is on the pricey side. In order to ensure the cartridges last long, you can always remove the cartridge from the slot once you have cleaned your shaver. Make sure to seal the cartridge well after removing it from the cleaning system to ensure it doesn’t evaporate. It is ideal to clean your shaver once every week.

Due to the fact that Braun shavers are some of the best amongst men’s grooming system in the market, it is always wise to purchase a Braun shaver if you can afford the price due to the fact that they provide some of the closes shaves possible. They are smooth and comfortable to work with and they minimize the possibility of cutting yourself.

However, to ensure the shaver continues to be as effective as when it is new, the clean and renew system cleans it with a unique alcohol system which leaves it with a nice lemony fragrance while lubricating and sharpening the blades to ensure they stay as efficient as ever.

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What is the price of the Braun Clean and Renew Cartridges?

The price varies from seller to seller but the best deal that we could find is the 4 Count – Braun Clean and Renew Cartridge Refills that you can buy for about $20 which means that you will get it for aprox. $5 / count.

Another way to go is to buy just the cleaner solution and to fill-up the cartridges yourself. A drawback is that you will have to mix it yourself in a bottle with some isopropyl alcohol for a 80% solution alcohol and 20% Cleaner Solution. it is a bit messy but you will save some money. I am a bit lazy so I prefer the first option, but if you are up for it, here it is:

Users have raved about the lemony fragrance of the shaver once it has been cleaned. Braun shavers are expensive to maintain and they are a bit heavy on the pocket as well. However, those who have used the shaver know what a real comfortable and close shave feels like and then any other shaver simply seems to disappoint as nothing can come close to the performance provided by Braun.

Many people have created their own cleaning solution at home using lemon juice and alcohol. However, we would suggest you do not bother with these ideas as they can in turn dull or damage the blades which would turn out to be costlier than purchasing the cartridges.


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Matt - June 1, 2015

i was wondering.. what is the name of the shaver in the video?

Simon - June 7, 2015

i don’t have a self cleaning station for my shaver.. if i buy a new one, would it match my shaver?

    Gordon Cooper ? - October 22, 2016

    Hi Simon, I have bought the Braun Cartridges but, I have not got a clue HOW to use them,do I have to buy something else. What is a Self Cleaning Station ? could you help me please.

Mike - July 4, 2015

Matt.. it’s a braun series 7 790cc 🙂


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