Braun Shaver Parts That Should Be Replaced Regularly

Braun Shaver Spare Parts

When it comes to electric shavers, Braun is one of the most reliable brands that come to mind. Providing long-lasting and completely smooth shave, Braun shavers are considered the best in the market.

However, there are certain Braun shaver parts that need to be replaced after wear and tear. If these parts are not replaced on the right time, they won’t only affect the performance of the shaver but might also cause certain hygienic issues.

 Replacing the Blades and Foil

The most important parts of an electric shaver that should be replaced on a regular basis include cutter block and cutter foil.

Both of them should be replaced along with each other since they work together to give the smooth performance Braun shavers are so famous for. Ideally, these cutting parts should be replaced after every 18 months in order to ensure that your shaver is providing you the best performance. Replacement of cutter blades and foil after every 18 months can guarantee you 100% performance from your blade for years.

How to Find the Right Replacement

 Braun Series Spare BoxBefore you pick up a replacement of your Braun shaver parts randomly from the market, you need to check the model of your shave and see whether the replacement parts will fit or not. There are four main series of shavers that available in the market by Braun and the replacement parts for all these series vary in their design and should be selected accordingly.

The common replacement parts that are available include:
70S Cassette (9000 Series) for Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Razors
51S Foil & Cutter (8000 Series) for Braun Series 5 Contour Pro Razors
40B Cassette for Braun CoolTec Razors
32S Cassette for Braun Series 3 Razors
32B Cassette for Braun Series 3 Razors
31S Foil & Cutter (5000 Series) for Braun Series 3 Razors
30B Foil & Cutter (7000/4000 Series) for Braun Series 3 Razors

These Braun shaver parts will only work well with the right type of shaver model and won’t function at all if you try to fit them on the wrong model. So be careful to pick up the one that is right for your shaver.

Other Braun Shaver Parts to Replace

Braun CleanThe blades and cutting foil are not the only parts of an electric shaver that should be replaced on a regular basis to get the best performance out of your shaver. However, there are other Braun shaver parts that can be replaced as well depending on their usage and functionality.

These replaceable parts include power cords, shaver clean & renew refill cleaning fluid, shaver replacement clean and charge stands, and shaver replacement protective caps.
All these parts should also be purchased carefully after making note of the model of shaver you are using. Since all shaver series have different designs, the parts for one model are not interchangeable for parts of other models.

By replacing your Braun shaver parts regularly, you can definitely make your shaver last longer while getting maximum performance from it.


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Michael - June 16, 2015

i own a braun shaver for 2 years and the blades are still cutting perfectly.. do you think i should change them?

Bert - July 23, 2015

i have a Braun 7-790cc and one of my friends told me i should replace the blades after a year


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