Eyebrow Trimmer – 6 Secret Tips to Choose the Best

Eyebrow trimmers

There are a few important things to consider when choosing a trimmer and we reviewed a few eyebrow trimmers for our blog in the past, so here are our 6 tips that will help you choose a good one:

  1. Buy one of these brands: Philips, Remington, Wahl or Conair, don’t look any further than those brands. This type of product won’t bite your wallet either way so you will be better off getting a product that you know it has some history behind.
  2. Get one that has at least 2 combs as accessories. If you use it like I do for trimming my eyebrows from time to time it is useful to have at least 2 combs to make sure that you don’t go too deep and trimm more than it is manly acceptable.
  3. Get one that is multifunctional and trims your nose and ear hair to. No need to keep another device in the bathroom when you can have all in one. From my perspective I really don’t know why they don’t fit a toothbrush to that handle just to go all the way. 🙂
  4. Get a eyebrow trimmer that works both wet and dry. Even though you will not trim your eyebrows while showering it is a very useful when washing the trimmer. Keeping it clean will prolong its life so if you can get it.
  5. Look for a clear display of warranty. Even though it is highly possible you will never use it, the companies that are offering 2 -3 years of warranty, show confidence in their product. Buying from brands like Wahl and Philips can get you a 30 to 45 days Money Back Guarantee so you will rest assured that your eyebrow trimmer fits your needs.
  6. Don’t over pay. The price for a good trimmer should start at $10 and my advice to you is not to pay more than $25. This is the real value for a decent to high quality product. Don’t go any higher tha that.

Having nice groomed eyebrows is definitely something you will need if you are somehow aware of your looks, but going to an expert trimmer for them every now and then seems like too much of hassle. So is there no other way to get those perfect eyebrows? Luckily, you can easily get those coveted eyebrows right at your home with the help of a single gadget; an eyebrow trimmer. These small and smart trimmers can easily pluck out all unnecessary hair from your eyebrows, giving you a neat and smooth look. But, with so many brands and styles available in the market, which one should you pick?

There are two types of trimmers commonly available in the market. First, there are manually rotated trimmers where you have to rotate the blades using the handle provided. Then there are battery-operated trimmers that rotate the blades automatically. Preferably, you should go for the use of automatic rotating blades since that type of eyebrow trimmer is much easier to use.

When you are buying an automatic rotating trimmer, comfort should be one of your concerns so you should buy a trimmer that comes with blade protectors. Such trimmers can save you from getting cuts and nicks on your skin. Philips Norelco Trimmer eyebrow

The material used for the blade is another important consideration when you are buying an eyebrow trimmer. Titanium, stainless steel and platinum are the most common types of blades available. If you want blades that stay sharp for a longer time, Platinum blades are perfect. These are resistant to rusting and water as well. If you have sensitive skin, you should always get hypoallergenic blades.

You would also be better off picking up an eyebrow trimmer that has an LED light attached to it. This will highlight even the finest of hair strands near your eyebrow area, allowing you to pluck them off properly.

Some eyebrows trimmers come with vacuum attached to them so the hair you pluck are adequately removed from your face. This way, you won’t be confused bothered by hair shavings.

You should also consider the design of the trimmer. While you would find a lot of trimmers with straight and vertical handles and blades, you should preferably go for an eyebrow trimmer that has a slightly angular body. This would provide you a better angle to remove the hair.

The Best Eyebrow Trimmers

If you still can’t decide which one of the many trimmers in the market is best for you, we are going to make things simpler for you even more. Here is our pick of best trimmers that you can find:

You can pick any one of these trimers without doubting their performance. They are definitely the best picks when it comes to buying an eyebrow trimmer.


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Sean - June 1, 2015

Can i use this for my nose also?

Contributor 1 - June 4, 2015

Yes you can use them for nose too. The best for that job is Panasonic ER-GN30-K, it is a great little product and it is afordable too.

Fred - June 29, 2015

I read here that some of them come with vacuum attached. Can you tell me which of them have that vacuum?
Thank you!

Adrien - July 10, 2015

You can use also the Remington NE3250 for your nose. I have one and it works fine 🙂

shaubhik - January 4, 2016

Can I remove unibrows

Manna - May 20, 2016


I didn’t find the pick of your best trimmers.
Can you please tell me some 2-3 devices, So I can pick one.

Aksh Saini - October 25, 2016

Nice tips! It helps me to choose best trimmer.


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